Something Better
Teaser #3 - Millennium Microbial
By: Jim Bates

Karen turned her attention to her laptop. She knew exactly what was on Finkelstein's mind. Her boss wanted an update on the project she and the other two members of her team had been working on. As she brought up her records, a shudder went through the normally unflappable young project leader. Her team had been studying the possibility of improving the nutritional value of the world's dwindling food supply. They'd been running a series of tests for two months and had the preliminary results and they weren't good. The process they tested was going to be prohibitively costly and no manufacturing company in their right mind would go for it. With that being the case, people would have to make do with more chemically produced nutritional supplements and get used to taking more injections of the body's much needed proteins. It was the only way.

Distressed to have to present such dire results to her boss, Karen closed her computer and looked out upon the gray and ashen land that was now planet Earth, the end result of two hundred years of global warming. Desolate brown landscapes, non-descript concrete structures to live and work in and a dusty atmosphere making daytime seem like perpetual twilight, all combined to make the outside world endlessly depressing.

She sighed and focused her attention. The transport carrier parked in the tunnel underneath Millennium Microbial and Karen exited and made her way to the entrance. Two security guards checked her for banned electronics and a reader scanned her index fingerprint. When the guards acknowledged she was safe to enter, they let her in through massive steel doors.


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