The Dark One's Tear
By: Jeff R. Young

He plucks the threads that make me dance
A sermonette beneath the devil's glance
A strung up puppet above the abyss
Lamenting a world, I would never miss

The dark one calls and speaks my name
He tickles my feet with an endless flame
Such hate will blister through dawn and dusk
Till all that's left is a withered husk

And in the end, with his rage consumed
My emptiness seeps like an open wound
I'm but a marionette within a mortals skin
I shed away the coil to begin again

Such alluring songs from his fiddle and fife
They were the tempting fruit from the tree of life
He found such ecstasy in the breaking of me
To force me down upon one knee

He has played me like a harp from hell
As harbingers of fate, the church bells knell
Such deadly sins to which I'm enslaved
Diminish the hope that I may be saved

My human side is what makes me strong
Gives poetic meaning to my unfinished song
I was slow to traction, but I found control
I found a soul that is lost is still a soul

Before this story of mine finds its end
I have one last message left to send
I will face the dark before I'm claimed its prize
And in these last four lines, I'll dispel its lies

My shield of faith is my protector
To hold my humanity in this tug of war
As the end of my mortal life draws nigh
I pledge my soul to the heavens so the devil may cry


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