Life VI
By: Kevin Magnus

Understand the sun will rise and fall without me.
But I live an existence that comes with a fee.

Delusioned for a short time, I thought I was happy,
But than life reminded me never be too sappy.

So I am here among the spoiled,
I feel like an angry snake coiled.

Awaiting my life feels like a never ending battle,
But no matter what I do, I am nothing but cattle.

Realizing all my comrades are no longer here,
But the rush of Life, I cannot shed a single tear.

Anger, chaos and entitlement is the home of today's people,
Complaining and objecting, unaware and yet, they are mass sheeple.

They smile to my face, but I know I am alone,
Excluded. I remain closed, to them like a stone.

Honestly, I try not to be bitter or without holding a grudge.
But in reality it is impossible to do an not judge.

How can I continue on and keep my faith in man?
But what is behind all this; what is the master plan?

I suspect that over time I surely will find the truth one day,
Although to my caution I will probably be to my dismay.

Be welcomed to a diverse world where human zombies roam,
With no true place of sanctuary, not even my home.

Beaten, broken, I continue to tread through the sorrow.
Praying to God almighty for a better tomorrow.


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