In the World of Myth and Tales
By: Molly E. Hamilton

In a world filled with science and facts,
Is there room for myth?
What is myth to a modern society?
Why still the fairy tales?

How do they still beckon from old pages and now glowing screens?
What draws people into stories of impossible things?

In centuries' old stories, there is truth that the human mind holds fast

We read of Gilgamesh's plight for eternal life and Enkidu's teachings of mercy
We hear the consequences of sharing powerful things from the cries of Prometheus
We learn the importance of accepting apologies from Achilles
Imagine Odysseus looking into the setting sun, as he wonders in its direction.

In a world set to find truth and changing beliefs,
There is still value in myth

Perhaps ancient stories stay with us
Because they offer facts in their tales
They tell us we were made with purpose,
With soul, made intentionally— giving a lost sacredness
Perhaps they remind us of fundamental truths

Blood and pain mixing into ink on the thirsty page
Cries from what's learned by experience and loss
Moments of bliss for moments captured,
Eternal, in poetics lines

Or rising anxiety
When broken hands
Reach to hope,
Defining what it means to be brave

The people before us had hopes too
They lived, bled, and desired
From the ever-shifting time lost,
They remind us what it really means
To be human.


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