Good-bye Troy
By: Sultana Raza

Cassandra (on Agamemnon’s ship sailing towards Mycenea, gazing bitterly at her ruined city):

War was a game gods blithely played,
Testing strategies, courage and minds,
Needlessly thousands happily slayed.
Honed their cunning, these deities blind.

No thought for future, did they keep,
As they fed off human grief, and loss,
No wisdom in cold hearts did they let seep.
Our petty lives were up for a toss.

Like peacocks strutted on Olympus fine,
Not on hen, or duck, or deer brave,
But on human tears they chose to dine.
Neither rat, nor mice, did they want to save.

Though for millennia they’ll stomp and fret.
Yet I can foil their silly, grand plans,
Their hands on our treasures, they won’t get,
That none knows about in the realm of man.

-The End-

Note: all poems are excerpted from my manuscript, The Seeress of Troy.


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