By: Christopher Bice

A dark age of lost realms
In the time of ancient man
When the earth gave birth
To the very first Druid clan

They became the teachers
Doctors and religious seers
Helping the masses to thrive
And to quell all their fears

But there were also Druids
That people did not see
Ones living in caves
Learning magic and sorcery

They soon discovered
The powers of the saren stone
And with their magic they gave
The clans a secret home

In the rings of Stonehenge
A riddle to show the way
Should others come seeking
Safety and shelter one day

Millenniums have since passed
And none have come or gone
Leaving us to believe
All that's left is demon spawn

One final time we'll send
A Druid Shaman to see
Before we close and lock
All the gates permanently

So should you happen to see
Strange blue lights in the night
Know that your time is nigh
And we must quickly take flight

No need to fear the demons
When you travel with me
I'll teach those devils how
To hold a real killing spree

We must journey far
To Stonehenge's magic stones
The clans all await to invite
You into their homes

The humans have surrendered
For them it's much too late
They'll never find solace
As I've locked Druid gates.


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