The Burning Rings of Hella Saga: Faeted
Chapter One

Part One
By: Rebecca Ilich

On a field of snow lay a maiden fair skinned, with the most perfect fiery red curls. Not one hair on her head sits out of place. She cried out as a single tear traveled from her large blue eyes to her rose-pink lips.

"THE BABY IS COMING!" she exclaimed out loud well knowing it was to fall on deaf ears.

"Please someone, help me." She whimpered.

She lay alone on the forest ground as it continued to snow steadily. She kept up the fight as she tried to shake the snow from her dress, but it was to no avail.

"Ughhh!" She cried as the contractions grew closer together.

"I can't let my baby die!" She gathered up all of her remaining strength to lift herself close to the satchel sitting at her feet. From the bag she reveals a large and incredibly sharp selenite athame. The craftsmanship is breathtaking, and it is covered in ancient Celtic symbols. She places the knife to her chest, and it begins to emit a soft glow.

"I will not let my baby die!" She shouts and the temperatures visibly drops lower, and she begins to shiver.

"Astroth, Winter Sprite of Courage and Warmth, I call you fourth from the fae realm. I invoke you presence here and offer a sacrifice of blood for you to heed my desires!" She cried out as she lowered the blade to wrist and cuts deeply vertically.

The glow emitted from the blade grows brighter and the air seems to stand still. As the blood slips from her body her heart races with panic as Astroth is no where to be seen. She musters up one final attempt as her rage burns inside.

"Astroth hear my call and come to me now!" She demands.

At that moment, the athame sprung through the air and stopped seemingly as if it had hit something and sliced into the very dimension. The blood that had pooled beside her rose up as if it were a red piece of twine and launched itself into that dimensional cut. In that instance time began to slow and the glowing athame and blood twine fell to the floor docile. From this portal an otherworldly creature appeared. He was beautiful but frightening. Hair white as snow, and vividly white eyes.

"How dare a mortal force me to this realm!" Astroth shouts as he looks around taking in the situation.

He looks down at the woman as she's visibly in a very bad way.

"Ugh I see. Pathetic really." Astroth says as he rolls his eyes and turns to leave.

"Please I beg of you! Don't leave me!" The woman cries out defeated.

"Tell me, weak useless human. What is it to stop me from gutting you and feeding on your sweet entrails?" Astroth questions as he reveals a soft smile and licks his lips.

"Before you lay a sorceress with a powerful bloodline. Just one sip of my blood and you would surely be one of the most powerful sprites in the realm." She said sternly staring him up and down.

"You?! A great sorceress?? Pfff! You waste my time mortal." He lets out a laugh as he turns to the portal.

"Wait! I beg of you, just taste my blood. Taste my blood and you will see everything." She dearly pleaded holding back her tears.

He scoffed as he turned towards her once more. "Fine! As longs as it ends your insufferable whining."

He pulled back his cloak revealing his thin pale hands. They were abnormally large with long fingers and sharp nails that looked to be about two inches long. He kneeled beside her and dug at her wound with his nail causing her to wince in pain.

Astroth brough the blood soak nail to his nose and inhaled deep. A look of shock and excitement rushed to his face as he smiled and exclaimed, "You smell absolutely mesmerizing!"

He places the finger between his pursed lips and takes a deep taste. He ghastly white eyes begin to flash different scenes as to tell a story. When it stops Astroth snaps back to reality and looks down at the young woman.

"Well, this certainly makes things interesting." Astroth snickers.

"So, you will help me then?" The young woman blurts out with hope in her eyes.

"That babe is basically one of my kin and one of a kind. A rare gem I see value in."Astroth laughs. Astroth reassuringly places a hand on her shoulder. "This will hurt a bit." Astroth says solemnly.

"I know." She mutters as she begins to sob.

Astroth then raises her bloody wrist to his mouth and his white eyes turn deep black. He extends his ordinary sized mouth to a gaping mouth filled with many razor-sharp teeth and latches on.

"Please tell my daughter that her mother Eres loved her more than life itself." She says as she winces in pain and visibly grows weaker.

"Hellebore, her father named her Hellebore." Eres whispers as she completely drifts away.

After Astroth had his fill of blood he stood over the woman contemplating how to remove the child.

"This should do the trick" He blurted out after thinking for a bit. And with that thought he took his razor-sharp claws and cut the woman's abdomen wide open and quickly pulled the baby out.

He wrapped her in his cloak and caught himself admiring her perfect dark red ringlets.

"Hellebore is a terrible name." Astroth said as he looked down at the helpless infant laying in his arms almost admiringly.

"Helle should suit you much better." He said with a half smile as he ran his fingernail softly across her cheek.

"We must do something about that red hair. We can't hide your true identity if you stick out like a sore thumb."

And with that Astroth ran his hand over Helle's hair turning it the darkest black

"That will do the trick" He said as he rolled his eyes.

"All that Arcana your mother gave me should allow me to bring a human to the fae realm." Astroth said looking unsure.

"Well let's be off, there are many plans to be made." He said still looking unsure. With that he whisked the child into the portal. Indeed, Eres magic granted Astroth the power to bring a mortal into the fae realm. Something that had only been done twice before. Or so they say.

Suddenly Astroth appeared on the other side of the portal. As he began to ascend over a bridge it was clear he was in a swampland area. He leans far over the side railing and projects his voice towards the murky water.

"SURKA!!!" Astroth yells out below.

Suddenly two bulbus yellow eyes appear from the water, and from that his whole scaley body emerges. Surka the swamp goblin wasn't the brightest peon, but he was brave and loyal.

"Why sirrrrr for what do I owe the honor?" Surka questioned.

"I have come to you with important news. You gather your kin and alike and meet me at Eynsworth Castle in the Capitol!" Astroth ordered.

"Yesssss Sirrrr! Right away, this ssssoundss of much importancccee!!" Surka slithered with excitement as he submerges back to the depths.

With his newfound power Astroth is easily able to slip through another portal taking him to the capitol city of Amadell. A city once inhabited by High Elves some 5000 years ago. Back when they ruled and before all the fae folk lived in harmony as one. Now most High Elves hide out in the mortal realm among the common folk for fear of execution for their crimes. The city of Amadell is by far the largest melting pot in all of Olf Alora, or the Fae realm as many call it. One cannot walk down the street without seeing faeries, sprites, elves, goblins, selkies, centaurs, or any other magic creature you could think of. The city truly is a sight to behold. You can see it glowing from miles away with colors so beautiful words cannot describe. Beautiful gems and gold line the walls as the city floats above the ground on the most fluffy soft clouds. Dragonflies the size of horses zoom through the skies and the castle itself sits upon a breath-taking lily pond.

Astroth with little babe in tow walks up to the front gates and waits as the bridge lowers. When he enters the castle, he is met but a small rambunctious sprite.

"Big brother! I had wondered where you disappeared to." The young sprite says as he furrows his brow.

"Fluxx, you worry too much." Astroth says as he drops his cloak reveling the baby.

"Ulun!" He shouts. Out from a doorway an elderly ogre appears.

"Yes sir?" She answers before she can get a full understanding of the situation. Ulun gasps.

"OH NO, Astroth what trouble have you brought us that? You would think it wise to bring a human child HERE?" Ulun says as her anger grows.

"Worry not dear Ulun, I am confident that you can clean her up and care for sweet little Helle here. I mean you did a fine job with my brother and I." Astroth proclaims with a wink and a half smile.

"If you say so." Ulun mutters under her breath with an eye roll as she awkwardly grabs the baby from his hands.

To Be Continued…


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