The Time Traveling Healer
Episode Six
By: Jim Bates

The story so far:

Episode One

After failing to help fight the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic, Mahdi finds himself given another chance, this time against a pandemic sweeping the land of Anon and killing its unicorns.

Episode Two Unable to help his daughter's sick unicorn, the old farmer Ankar is startled by the approach of a stranger.

Episode Three

Ankar realizes that the stranger is no one to fear.

Episode Four

Mahdi meets the farmer Ankar and his daughter Jana and determines Snowflake the unicorn is infected by the virus raging throughout the land.

Episode Five

Mahdi heals Snowflake.

Now for Episode Six of Seven

Ankar had watched the proceedings in wonder. When he found his voice, he said, "Kind sir, I cannot believe the power of your magic. I thought Snowflake was surely forever gone from us."

Mahdi shook out his cape. "I don't understand it completely myself. All I know is that I have been summoned. There is a pandemic targeting the unicorns raging throughout the land and I must do all I can to help."

He swung the cape over his shoulders, "Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a sick unicorn across the river at Lokan's farm. I must go to him."


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