The Old Warehouse Gets New Bones
By: Linda Imbler

Sometimes, dilapidated is a motivator as the world moves on.

The old warehouse was just another building that lost its hum.

After the much-publicized spell of its grand opening,
its once newborn rafters proudly held up its new roof,
under which bustling activity seemed as if it would never stop.
The building stood tall through its dwindling puberty.
Eventually, its work was finished,
its practical duty concluded.
It became an artifact, a neglected spot.
Its apparent lines not as parallel as they once were, and once closed,
it served as an occupied embassy for pigeons,
its overhangs reaching close to its knees.

Today, after having considered its history and former purpose,
the city has decided to redesign it as a new structure,
in order to establish something that will continue to move objects.
In this instance, it will be a city station,
a waystation for the new modern metro.

No finer tribute can we give to the old warehouse than this!


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