Strong Achaeans
By: Sultana Raza

(Early evening. Grove of Mother Earth. Cassandarius's priestesses come running back to the Grove of Great Mother. Hard on their heels are three Achaean soldiers with spears, bows and arrows).

Save us from evil, O Mother Great!

Go back to Phareegius! Why do you disobey?
Please don't let your courage abate!

1st Achaean Soldier:
We've netted one more cat, I dare say!

This holiest of places, do not defile!

2nd Achaean Soldier:
Look who's ordering us! Fie, fie, fie!

1st Achaean Soldier:
Scream all you want there's no one for miles!

Cassandarius (to Achaean soldiers):
Impure ones who enter here, tend to die!
Sacred Grove if any of you desecrate,
Or dare lay hands on my priestesses meek,
Don't complain later about your fate!
Go elsewhere, your twisted ‘fun' seek!
(whispers to her Priestesses):
Do something, distract them, I must escape.
(to Achaean soldiers):
If you want to live, leave before full moon!

Priestess 1:
How handsome you look! Manly tunics and capes!

1st Achaean Soldier:
To your threats, or seductions, we're immune.

2nd Achaean Soldier:
Whoever thinks she can wriggle from my hands,
Is greatly mistaken, for firm is my grip.

Priestess 1:
Oh gentle Soldier, respect these lands,
With these strong arms, did you row your ship?

Priestess 2:
A man with thick curls, needs no ropes,
We'll follow you gladly, we have no other ties.

Most attractive men, need never grope.

Priestess 1:
Are all Achaeans so handsome?

1st Achaean Soldier:
Aye! And that's no lie!

Priestess 1:
If we'd glimpsed your faces, we wouldn't have run!

Cassandarius :
Your vows of chastity, do not forget!

Priestess 2:
We're prisoners of bold Achaeans. Can't we have some fun?

Priestess 3:
Our vows do not count, let's sing and dance! Let's!

Priestess 1:
Stay a while, our liberators, ingest our special drink,

Priestess 2:
Wars come and go, our freedom, let's enjoy!

Cassandarius (to her Priestesses):
You vile traitors! In debauchery, don't sink!

Achaean Captain:
Debauchery? Did you hear? Dance with us boys!

Cassandarius :
At least don't give them our Divine Draught!

(But the soldiers grab the wineskin from Priestess 1, and drink from it).

The Priestesses sing:
A lazy languor up your limbs creeps,
Deep relaxation in your whole body seeps
You open your eyes, but cannot peep.
As you tumble into dreams very deep.
Open both eyes you just can't keep.
Just fall into a refreshing sleep.

(The Achaean soldiers fall down quickly, drugged by the potion).

Oneone (picking up a sleeping soldier's arm to see if they're really knocked out cold by her soporific herbal mixture):
They can't get up now, neither run, nor leap.

Cassandarius (seeing the near future):
Phareegius twitches badly, cold Helen weeps,
Come! Troy's way ahead is very, very steep.

As Phareegius has sown, so will he reap!
My duty to Illium I have now done.
Shall I neutralize them? Mortal life is cheap!

Do as you please. We have to run!

(Casandarius shrugs, before she and her priestesses run away towards Troy).



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