The End: Story Three
The Sickness
By: David K. Montoya

Welcome gentle reader.

You are about to dive into the missing piece of the story for my series, The End. I created the first story in 2005 simply because the magazine was short on action/suspense stories. The End was supposed to be only three parts, but the Gray Family had much more to say. In 2008, I concluded Story two and the following year produced a special prequel story about how the Sickness was created. After that, I went away and created new things but never made it back to tell story three.

Well, here we are in the closing months of 2021, and we are dealing with a creepily similar pandemic. So, I felt that it was finally time to tell Lucas Gray's final journey in this tale with issue one hundred. While I understand that it has been decades since I put out a story from this serial, I genuinely hope it picks up and smoothly brings you back into that particular world.

I will enclose links to read the backstories for those who have not read any of the series.

I had always planned on having a story three, and after eleven years, I present to you Story Three of The End titled The Sickness.

Enjoy the final ride of Lucas Gray and his family!


David K. Montoya