Simply Amazing by Tony James


Simply Amazing
By: Tony James

I'm a true believer--
You will be too, once you've seen her.
She never ceases to amaze,
Like the sunset being viewed over crashing ocean waves.
Or like the reflecting sun rays,
Being seen for the first time in all your days,
Or like the elegant melody that a harpist plays.
She displays the true characteristics
Of a woman that her mother gave.
She's amazing.

Like a beautiful bouquet of bright red roses,
As priceless and perfect as the statue of David's poses.
Her angelic eyes ensure your interest;
She is the true meaning of gorgeous in its simplest form.
She manages to weather the fiercest storm,
And makes the coldest hearts turn warm.
She's amazing.

Like that place you always picture when you want to get away,
She'll take you there and leave you in awe with nothing left to say.
Her smile captures you in such a way that no one else can relate,
If you follow her trace, it leads straight to style and grace.
She easily fills that empty, vacant space,
And I'm contemplating man, entering the race,
Because--she's amazing!

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