I Gladly Will... by Apyrl Rogers


I Gladly Will...
Apyrl Rogers

I do not wear a hat, but gladly will,
So that I may take my hat off to you.
I do not go to church, but I gladly will,
So that I can be sure my prayers for
Your safe journey home will reach heaven.
I do not like needles, but I gladly will
Give my blood to replenish your's,
In hopes that you will return to the ones you love.
I do not like protesting, but gladly will,
To fight for recognition and place in this battle.
I am not a general nor an officer,
But I gladly will touch my brow in salute of you.
I do not like to cry, but I do!
For every life taken and every day you are gone.
I will also gladly fly and salute my flag,
Tie up a yellow ribbon, support our troops,
And I gladly will be there to welcome you home!

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