The End: Story One - Imprisonment By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
By: David K. Montoya

I was brought out of my reverie as I was knocked to the ground and I screamed out in pain as it felt like someone took a bite out of the side of my neck. I thought that I had finally met my doom. That was until I heard the explosion of a shotgun being fired. The force of the blast knocked whoever was on me off and I was able to get up. As I was making my get away, I looked over my shoulder and saw that what attacked me was an Unlucky. The only thing I could think of was that it smelled burning flesh of the man I had flipped into the fire.

But, Unluckys do not travel alone. I knew if there was one, then there were a whole pack lurking in the darkness somewhere. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind than I heard the sounds of them grunting and hissing–and from the sound of things, there were quite a few of them.

I yelled out to Richard that we needed to make our way to my SUV before the pack of Unluckys arrived. He agreed and we collected everyone, but made it no more then a quarter of the way before we were interrupted by the presence of the pack of Unluckys. These Unluckys were different than any I had ever seen. They still looked human, some of them even had clothes on.

At this point, we had forgotten about our captors and quite frankly figured that they were on their own with the pack of Unluckys. We finally made our way to the SUV and loaded everyone inside. I was surprised to find that the keys were still in the ignition and I turn over the engine. It let out a loud roar, then I put the beast in drive and hit the accelerator.

We launched from our position busting through the wooden fence. Unfortunately, I noticed as we made our way through that I had busted off one of our makeshift spears. A few of the Unluckys made a weak effort to attack us, but were run down. Richard then explained that those were fresh Unlucky’s. People that had just recently been overcome by the ‘Sickness’. I was confused, as I thought the ‘Sickness’ had ended many years ago. He corrected my misconception by telling me that the illness had never fully gone away, but was less known since there were less people in the world to contract it.

I asked him if there were still a chance for us to get the ‘Sickness’. He explained that the disease was forever mutating and that we could all be potential candidates for new waves of the virus, until a cure was found. But, he had heard that a antidote was in the middle of being created by a few professors that lived in Haven.

I explained that was the reason we were here. We were on our way to Haven and wanted to find out if he and the girls wanted to come along. But I already knew his answer. I could see it in his eyes; how bad he wanted out of Airepseh and to have a normal life again. But don’t we all?

I found it harder to pull the trigger on these more human looking Unluckys than I had on the ones I had encountered earlier today at the abandoned supermarket. But, as for Richard, it seemed that he did not have the same problem as I. He ripped through the Unluckys at an unholy pace leaving a pathway of blood as we advanced up the yard.

As we made our way across the yard, I looked out the window and watched as the Unluckys savagely fed on the men who had captured us. They were begging for their god to strike them dead so they would not have to endure that agony any longer.

But no god answered that day, as they all were eaten alive.

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