Promise to the Dying by Kevin Magnus


Promise to the Dying
By: Kevin Magnus

She lay there knocking at death's door,

the person that raised me would soon be no more.

A lifetime of memories and thoughts about to be wiped clean,

how could this happen, she led a life that was ever so lean.

Slowly I moved to meet with her before she would die,

I was ok until I saw her and for the first time I cry.

She looked up at me and cracked a small smile,

she tried to look happy, but I knew she was on her last mile.

I pondered what would our last conversation be;

would it be of God or death, I would have to wait and see.

Finally she spoke, only to ask a question of me,

she asked, "What have you written and may I see?".

I told her no, that I had stopped,

with no inspiration I was a flop.

For a brief moment life returned to her face,

to remind me of her grace.

"You stopped?, This isn't true.

You must create something fresh and new."

Just as quickly as life had returned for that moment,

it was gone, to leave her dormant.

"Promise me you will never give up.

Here on my deathbed, promise me, young pup."

"I promise," I replied,

with that she said thank you, closed her eyes and DIED.


About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a new submitter to the site'. He has just recently started writing poetry, and has found a new passion that he never knew was there.
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