The history of the Myth


The history of the Myth

The first comic studio opened, entitled �LIFESIGNS STUDIOS,� and published their first book, M-Team #1.
LIFESIGNS STUDIOS officially changed its name to DARK MYTH PRODUCTIONS.
DARK MYTH PRODUCTIONS went public in the summer of 1995, launching its first Internet comic, �LIFESIGNS,� named as a tribute to the former studio. During this time Randy Lee Walker was hired as the first (PART-TIME) Editor in Chief.
The beginning of this year marked the first hiring of a full time crew: David K. Montoya, Lacie M. Montoya, Kyle D. Dobbs, and a new, permanent Editor in Chief, S. M. Morton. In July, the Company moved south and became a subsidiary to the newly formed �Montoya Entertainment, Inc.� (MEI)
DARK MYTH PRODUCTIONS returned to their home state of California, but left an imprint named �SOUTHERN MYTH STUDIOS.� Interested in the Japanese comic movement, the company released its now classic �AYOT NOM.�
In 1998 Montoya Entertainment, Inc. (MEI) changed its name to Montoya World Entertainment (MWE), reflecting the numerous deals being made around the world. The original creative team split up and J. Benton was named new Editor in Chief. David K. Montoya picked up the spot as full time artist, in addition to his writing commitments.
DARK MYTH PRODUCTIONS soon returned to its old, darker style of storytelling and launched The Hunter-Xydus #1, as well as its new Imprint Hardcore Comics after SOUTHERN MYTH went out of business.
(June 1999)
After a deal with a local night club went sour, MWE was forced to close its doors. Montoya went solo and opened OUTSIDERS STUDIOS. (The Myth appeared to be dead)
With renewed faith in the pursuit of his dreams, Montoya re-launched MEI, now calling it MEI2000. He merged with L. Alan Russo Jr. of New Blood Films, creating a Company entitled NEW MYTH ENTERTAINMENT!
After breaking the merger with New Blood Films, Montoya obtained the rights to NEW MYTH ENTERTAINMENT and went back to the corporate name of MEI. In March of 2001, after nearly ten years, David Montoya stepped down as Chairman of the company. The torch was passed to Rebecca Lofgren, who accepted his position at New Myth Entertainment
Lofgren continued working with the site until late 2002. When an agreement between NEW MYTH and Com1 could not be reached, the New Myth site soon closed down.

In May of 2004, David Montoya returned and attempted to resurrect DARK MYTH PRODUCTIONS but, after a few months, he decided it was not truly ready to return. On July 4th, he announced that he would no longer produce material in the comic world. With his new Editor in Chief, Terry D. Scheerer, he unleashed a new style of Myth never seen before. In a tribute to all his past endeavors, he births THE WORLD OF MYTH!
On July 1, 2005, David K. Montoya announced the merger of three companies: M.E.I. (Montoya Entertainment, Inc.), Dark Myth Comic Productions and Danx On-line Entertainment, which ran The World of Myth. A new entity formed called Dark Myth Production Studios!

August 25, 2005, Terry D. Scheerer announced in The World of Myth that his first book entitled, �Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night,� was published by Gateway Press.

November 7, 2005, Dark Myth Production Studios announced two new subsidiaries: Dark Myth Publications and Dark Myth Comics.
January 19, 2006, Dark Myth Publications releases the 2006, �The World of Myth� Calendars.

March 1, 2006, Terry D. Scheerer is named Executive Vice President of Dark Myth Production Studios.

August 7, 2006, Dark Myth Publications releases their first book, Rebecca C. Lofgren�s �Book of Dreams.�

On November 23, 2006, Dark Myth Production Studios announced their third subsidiary, Dark Myth Pictures.

December 19, 2006, Dark Myth Publications releases the 2007, �The World of Myth� Calendars.
January 1, 2007, Dark Myth Pictures begins preproduction on Body Bag: the Movie.

March 7, 2007, Dark Myth Production Studios announced the buyout of from Nocturnal Enterprises, LLC.

March 8, 2007, Terry D. Scheerer was named Chief Operating Officer and Editor in Chief of Horrotica On-line Magazine.

May 1, 2007, the launch of under the ownership of Dark Myth Production Studios.

May 4, 2007, Dark Myth Publications released their first HARDBACK book, L.M. Mercer's �The Greenhouse Murders.

July 30, 2007, Terry Sheerer steps down as Editor in Chief for The World of Myth and devotes his full attention to Steve Bolin, a published author and prize winning poet, assumes the role as the new Editor in Chief.

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