The Dragon Hunters By: Terry D. Scheerer


The Dragon Hunters
By: Terry D. Scheerer

The footprints were huge. Bodkin looked up from tracks they had been following and nervously scanned the thick woods that hemmed them in on both sides. He was not at all happy being even this close to a live dragon and was fairly sure he would like it a good deal less when they had to get much closer to one.

His companion, Smudge, was crouched down in the mud and moss, closely examining the tracks. He carefully placed his hand down inside one of the hind prints and slowly spread his pudgy fingers as wide as he could. His fingertips did not touch the edge of the footprint.

Smudge rose, rubbing his hands together in eager anticipation. “Cor, but she’s a beauty, she is,” he said quietly, staring down the path their quarry had created by her passage through the woods. “Can’t be more than an ‘our old, either,” he continued,

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About the Author

A published writer since 2001, along with his work which has appeared in "The World of Myth," Terry D. Scheerer's short stories have appeared in such magazines as, "Dragonlaugh" and "Sword's Edge," and a book of his collected poetry and short stories was published by Gateway Press in August, 2005. Mr. Scheerer continues to work as an Editor and writer (as health permits) on a number of ongoing projects.
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