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"Creep Creepersin's Frankenstein"

This edition of Frankenstein is not the typical 'monster' movie you may have previously seen, nor is it anything you might expect to see. In this version James Porter stars as Victor, a schizophrenic young man who lives a bizarre and lonely life in a rented attic room, where due to his complete and utter disassociation from people has little or no contact with the outside world. His personal world consists mainly of what he sees in old horror movies which he tends to watch all day with his companion, Frankenstein, a small brown rat. Porter does an amazing job of playing a demented, lonely character who slowly loses what little he has left of his mind as he seeks some sort of 'human' companion with whom he might possibly share his life.

Writer and director Creep Creepersin uses an array of audio and visual devices to show the audience how Victor sees and hears the world around him, frequently showing clips of black and white horror movies to reveal Victor's thoughts and actions.

When Victor decides it is time for him to 'make' himself a female companion, he uses the Frankenstein movies and an annotated edition of Mary Shelley's novel to guide his plans. There are, however, some moments of dark humor in this version of Frankenstein. Not at all familiar with how the outside world really works, in his search for a likely body Victor calls the local cemetery to see if they have a fence around the place, apparently expecting to be able to simply wander in and remove a body at his leisure. When that idea doesn't work, he phones an 'out call' service, hoping they will send a live woman to him, but he doesn't have a credit card so only ends up arguing with a number of answering machine recordings. In desperation, Victor finally goes out and obtains a body on his own. Unfortunately, after he finally has a body, he realizes he does not have the knowledge or training to turn the dead woman into a fully functioning companion who will fill his needs. Or does he?

As Victor gets closer and closer to insanity, he begins to blame all of his current problems on Frankenstein (the rat, not the monster) and when his landlady discovers the body in his attic room, Victor tries to rectify this disaster as many horror movie monsters might. His plans in utter disarray, he attempts to make final amends in his own demented way.

This movie takes the viewer on a bizarre journey into a broken and warped mind (I mean Victor's mind, not Creepersin's--although...well...). It is not for the squeamish or those who can not follow a twisted plot line. This is a moving and startling flick you dare not turn away from, else you may miss something freakishly important. The soundtrack is deeply moving and provided by Creepersin and Mrs. Creep, who also has a cameo role in the movie.

Many may not be able to grasp the gut wrenching inner battle that is going on within Victor or how everything in the movie intertwines, but it is a movie that should definitely be experienced. While it has not yet been released, it should be available within the next few months. I will keep you updated.

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