Be Well Come to the Rebirth of Horrotica On-line Magazine (the promised blood and darkness will come along in the stories). In this and future issues Horrotica will attempt to share with our readers stories, poetry, artwork, articles of erotic horror and occasional dark humor. While we will continue to concentrate on 'Adult Horror' as our main theme in this magazine, I personally feel we should never take ourselves or our fears too seriously so we will also include, where appropriate, attempts at horrific humor for your hopeful entertainment.

In our rebirth issue we have short stories of horror by Hydra M. Star, Saranna DeWylde, Stephen Dedman and Terry D. Scheerer, along with poetry by Creep Creepersin, Mallory Stroop, Seth Blackfire, and just for fun I added a poem from the master of horror and suspense, Edgar Allan Poe. In the Art Gallery, Christopher Lee, Jason Leach, MOK and Ruby O present their own private images of darkness and what may lurk therein.

We would like to offer several new features in our reborn Horrotica. Each issue, 'On the Cover' will give some background and insight into the cover art presented by Horrotica, while the 'Readers Gallery' is set aside for pictures of and by our readers who may wish to share anything they feel is unusual and worth public viewing. We want to welcome to the Horrotica staff Barbara Bucolic, who will be featured in the new 'Rancid Recipes' section. Ms. Bucolic will enlighten us each issue with unusual and sometimes impractical remedies and recipes from her 'Kinky Kitchen.' We will also include book reviews, movie reviews and interviews when there is time and sufficient people and material for us to 'view' and share with you.

This issue, Horrotica interviews Rachel Black, an artist, business woman and designer from the U.K., while we review "The Zombie Survival Guide" as well as a soon to be released movie by musician, writer and film maker, Creep Creepersin. In 'Rancid Recipes' Barbara gives us step by step instructions on how to shrink a human head (Yum!), and we have a special 'In Memory of...' section to say goodbye to an American legend in the literary world, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

As Horrotica is now a bimonthly magazine, we hope to fill each issue with enough information, entertainment and horror to amuse you for some time. If you have comments, questions or just wish to express your feelings about Horrotica, you may do so at the MySpace Horrotica Magazine Group or contact either the Editor in Chief or the web site owner at the e-mail addresses listed in the lower right hand side of the title page. Want to be a part of Horrotica by sharing your own demented visions of this or another dark world as 'you' see it? Contact us, as also on the title page is information for submitting work to future issues of Horrotica.

We hope you enjoy our efforts to bring Horrotica back on-line, and all of us here look forward to many more horror-filled issues in the future. Our next issue should be available on July 1st--watch your MySpace Bulletin Boards for updates and further information or join the mailing list for e-mail updates.

And now for a bit of necessary legal crap. It goes thus: "The entire contents of Horrotica On-line Magazine is copyright under her parent company, Dark Myth Productions, and each story, poem, article, piece of art work and/or photograph is copyright under the name of the respective author and/or artist. No portion of said contents may be reproduced, copied or electronically stored (aside for pieces used in or as reviews in other publications) without written permission from the owner(s)." Thank you one and all for your cooperation.

Now that we have that out of the way, please enjoy what we have to offer and feel free to leave comments, desires for future articles, fetish wishes (that one's for me) or anything else you may wish to express on the MySpace Horrotica Magazine Group site.

Until next time, I wish you all 'Sweet Dreams...'

Terry D. Scheerer
Editor in Chief

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