Jeff R.Young


1|The Rising — Part One

2|The Rising — Part Two

3|The Rising — Part Three

4|The Rising — Part Four

5|The Rising — Part Five


1|Dwindling Candles

2|A Dance of Swords

3|The Guardian

4|Terror Eyes

5|Forest Knight

6|When Angels Cry

7|Midnight Terror

8|The Wolf's Heart

9|Broken Wind

10|Forest Knight Reprint

11|The Guardian Reprint

12|Smile Empty Soul

13|Dèjà Vù

14|Reality In a Nightmare

15|Alone In the Dark Part. 1

16|Alone In the Dark Part. 2: Transcendence


18|Deviant Minds

19|Gone Crazy


1|Star Wars: Battlefront II (XBox)

2|Jurassic World: Evolution (XBox)