David K. Montoya


1|The Wall Of Terrence Pt#1

2|Christmas Wizard

3|Sleepy Hollow

4|Night Before Christmas



2|Forsight II

3|Riding Shotgun


1|The End: Story One- "The Sickness"

2|The End: Story One- "Welcome to Airepseh"

3|The End: Story One- "The Final Prelude"

4|The End: Story One- "Homecoming"

5|The End: Story One- "Imprisonment"

6|The End: Story One- "Day Two"

7|The End: Story One- "Border Town"

8|The End: Story One- "Palace City"

9|The End: Story One- "The Lead Up"

10|The End: Story One- "Gladiator"

11|The End: Story One- "Aftermath"

12|The End: Story One- "The Great Escape Pt.1"

13|The End: Story One- "The Great Escape Pt.2"

14|The End: Story One- "The Great Escape Pt.3"

15|The End: Story One- "The Great Escape Pt.4"

16|The End:Story Two "The Sickness"

17|The End:Story Two "Welcome to Corpseland"

18|The End:Story Two "Prelude to the Darkness"

19|The End:Story Two "To Home, From Hell"

20|The End:Story Two "Lured Inside"

21|The End:Story Two "Trapped"

22|The End:Story Two "End of the Line"

23|The End:Story Two "End of the Line" Part 2

24|The End:Story Two "End of the Line" Part 3

25|The End:Story Two "Nightmares and Dreamscapes"

26|The End:Story Two "Enter the Cave Part #1"

27|The End:Story Two "Enter the Cave Part #2"

28|The End:Story Two "Exiting Corpseland"

29|The End:Story Two "In the Heartland"

30|The End:Story Two "In the Heartland Part 2"

31|The End:Story Two "In the Heartland Part 3"

32|The End:Story Two "In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion"

33|The End:Story Two "Final Reckoning"

34|Chronicling the End - “Observation Unit”

35|Thirteen Tombstones: Chapter One - Part One

36|Thirteen Tombstones: Chapter One - Part Two

37|Can You Hear Me Now?

38|The Leftovers

39|Through the Eyes of Madness Part One "Prologue"


1|Little Problem

2|Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer

3|Ah, Dude.

4|Helluva Time

5|The Haunted Car and the President of the United States

6|Trick or Treat

Realm of Horrotica

1|Circus, Circus


1|Tribute to the Family

2|A Prayer for Hope

3|The Queen and her Dragon

4|Prototype Cover of The Underground to Nowhere #1

5|Our World

6|Myth Coat of Arms



9|Doom of Man

10|Mona Lisa 2005

11|Youth of America

12|The Unlucky


14|Rest in Peace

15|Grim Reaper

16|Life in the city

17|Monster Within

18|Family Revisited

19|Creature of the Night


21|The Face of Evil

22|Lonely Warrior

23|Christmas Wizard

24|Have a ‘SMASH’ing Holiday

25|The Cowboy

26|Lady of the Night

27|Be Mine!

28|Lady of Death


30|Glad to meet you, can you guess my name?

31|The Hunters

32|In the Dark

33|The Hangman's Noose

34|Big Trouble!

35|Dragon and The Witch

36|Out of the Light

37|Christmas Ride

38|Deep Space


40|The Vampires are Coming


1|Walking Home From A Star


1|F.Y.I. #1

2|F.Y.I. #2

3|F.Y.I. #3

4|F.Y.I. #4

5|F.Y.I. #5

6|F.Y.I. #6

7|Interview with L. Alan Russo Jr.

8|Interview with Jimmy Palmiotti!

9|Issue #13 Commentary

10|FYI - "Year End Review"

11|Featured Writer and Director Kevin Smith

12|Review of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons

13|Featured Writer Stephen King

14|Featured Writer Alfred Hitchcock

15|Review of Rebecca C. Lofgren's Book of Dreams

16|Year-End F.Y.I

17|Interview with R.H. Stavis!

18|Featured Writer and Director George A. Romero

19|Review of Stephen King's Nightmare and Dreamscapes

20|Interview with Kevin Magnus!

21|Featured Writer Dan Brown

22|Featured Writer Chris Claremont

23|Featured Writer Richard Matheson

24|Review of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend

25|Review of Terry D. Scheerer's Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night

26|Interview with Reaper Rick and Movie Goer Grim!

27|Featured Writer Sherrilyn Kenyon

28|Review of L.M. Mercer's The Greenhouse Murders

29|Interview with Sherrilyn Kenyon!

30|Interview with L.M. Mercer!

31|Commentary from the Owner

32|Review of Black Hearts & Red Blood Dreams: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural

33|Review of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein : Lost Souls

34|Interview with John A. Miller!

35|Special Commentary from Owner David K. Montoya

36|Current Happenings Within Dark Myth

37|The Owner and CEO reflects back on the past fifty issues.

38|Review of S. Sadie Burbank's Red Hills Green Vines and Dried Monkey Meat for Dinner

38|Interview with S. Sadie Burbank!

39|Issue #52 Commentary

40|Commentary from the Founder