Hey everybody!! I hope all our readers in Ontario Canada are surviving this massive heat wave we are having! It has been 30+Celsius which translates to around 100F, or more. Don't forget to add in the humidity and, well, my hair isn't making it through the door way unless it is tied down tightly!

I am not complaining, I love the heat. I am not a winter type of person. So bring it on!!

This was supposed to be a small issue, as our illustrious leader is going on vacation, but I had a hard time choosing which stories to put in this month and which ones to push to August.


I only pushed a few to August. Remember if you got an acceptance from me, you are in August if you don't appear in July.

While we are on the subject of vacation, that is also why we are having it come out early as well. August will be back to normal, with our deadline date on the 15th and our release date on the 24th so you all have plenty of time to whip up some super amazing stuff…which you all do anyway!

I want to congratulate Ximena Escobar for winning Member of the Month for June. Well done!!

Now, since this issue is coming out so early, I am still going to do the podcast review on the regular date. I just did the one for June, so I want to give a bit of time between them so our readers can enjoy what we have before I give all the secrets away.

I also want to congratulate Jeff R Young, as our new Circulations Manager. I know he is going to do an excellent job and you will see great things happening!!

Seeing as this is an early edition, and one that popped up on short notice, I am pleased with the contributions! You will notice that our book, art, and podcast are the same as last month. These types of articles and audio's take time to put together. There is research and more research, then writing it and finding corresponding pictures, so, with the short time between June and July's issues there wasn't enough time to put them together. They will be brand spanking new in August though!!

Well my overly roasted readers, I hope you have a wonderful month, get out into the fresh air and sunshine, social distance but socialize and above all, stay safe my friends.

See you all next month!
Stephanie J Bardy
Editor in Chief
COO of Online Literature

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