By: Stephanie Bardy

I have been the shoulder, the hand to hold.
I've been the smile, the heartaches told.
I've been the keeper of secrets dear,
Silent guardian of the broken tear.

The target when the anger flows.
Willingly accepting the verbal blows.
I've soaked it in and let it be.
Knowing it was frustration that needed me.

I've been turned away and pushed aside.
And been there waiting after the ride.
I've said I'm sorry's, and forgive me's too.
When I'm not sure, what else to do.

But hidden away, in my secret place.
A broken heart sits in its place.
A little tattered and worn with time.
It's all I have, and it's all mine.

Sadness sits, and waits for me.
Rolling his hands and grinning with glee.
For every so often, when the night does call
Sadness swoops in, and the tears do fall.

And the hand that I hold, in the silence at home.
Is mine and it wipes my tears all alone.
The shoulder that bears the heartaches untold.
Shake as the Sadness begins to unfold.

I weep, and I keen, and feel lost inside.
In the darkness and Sadness I've no where to hide.
But in the rays of the sun, as it raises his head.
I find comfort and solace, and push back the dread.

Just once in a while, when it gets all to much.
I need the shoulder, the hand, a comforting touch.
Someone to say, I'm here for you, I've got your back.
But really its just a Sadness attack.

I'll get through it, to another day.
And smile and be there when you say "Hey"
And give the shoulder and the hand to hold.
And hold your secrets, and heartaches untold.


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