My 'JOY' by Kevin Adams


My 'JOY'
Kevin Adams

It was love at first sight. I was doomed. She had me.
My eyes filled with delight.

A boy and his dream together at last.

I open the door and sit on the seat,
her odor fills my nose with legacy and age.

Sitting there for a few moments soaking it in,
it's like a shoe that's too big, but it fits just right.

I run my hand across the wheel
pump the gas, turn the key and she roars to life.

A smile creases quickly across my lips
Her motors sings loudly for me.
Therapy on wheels.

my heart races as her engine throttles
her pace matches my own.

I talk gently to her,
and inhale her gasoline odor.

Easing her gently out into the road it begins,
driving heritage, a dream, a piece of American pride.

All eyes pay respect, others are compelled to yield to her royalty.
A beauty returns to her full majesty, the way it was meant to be.

What is it like to achieve a long lost dream?

To have something so selfish and considered a toy?

It's freedom. It unlocks the soul. Heals the heart.
Refreshes the mind.
Fixes what was once broken.

About the Author

A board game enthusiast and loving father, Kevin has been surviving quite well since The World of Myth last saw him in 2012. Forced into early retirement then, he recently was 'tempted' back with the promise of writing and conducting TWoM interviews. His current line of work has him fabricating parts for turbine engines, he still tries to keep a simple relaxed life when not working.

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