Modern Problems Without Modern Solutions by Rebecca Ilich


Modern Problems Without Modern Solutions
By: Rebecca Ilich

Contention touches my skin,
It has the sweetest taste like an aged cardinal sin.
Reflection occupies my mind,
I am almost certain I can never have what should rightfully be mine.

Obsession engulfs my heart,
I've cried so many tears for this but that's not the hardest part.
Depression shadows my life,
I've failed as a women and it feels like a deeply embedded knife.
Aggression consumes my love,
I'm tainted and flawed like a broken winged dove.
Hopeless is burrowed in my soul,
I'm sorry, I cant give you a child to love—leaving our hearts with a unfillable hole.

About the Author

If something appears a bit familiar with Rebecca Ilich, it's because it's Rebecca C. Lofgren all grown up. Although she's about to be 30, she has an impressive publishing history behind her name, including being apart of this magazine since issue one and her book of poetry and art Book of Dreams being consumed all around the world. Despite the success in the literary market, Rebecca left it to venture into podcasting with her husband & brother.
She enjoyed robust achievement for the past five years, now living in Las Vegas with her husband and furry children, Rebecca has returned for to The World of Myth!

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