Love Bites in the Dark by Laura Hughes


Love Bites in the Dark
Laura Hughes

I can see you standing there,
in the moonlight, my lover.
Looking irresistibly bare.
Nothing to hide or cover.

As I watch you from behind,
you have no clue that I'm here.
As my eyes focus and find,
that pulse to which I hold dear.

My eyes seem to drink you in,
every single line and curve.
What I want to do is a sin,
but you will get what you deserve.

I creep up wanting to touch,
this vision before my eyes.
You have me hungering so much,
that I'm afraid I can't disguise.

My hand reaches out towards you,
half afraid that you will frighten.
Don't be afraid of what I'll do,
as my grip begins to tighten.

I now have my prey in my hands,
and I can't wait to savor the taste.
But as the situation stands,
to hurt him now will be a waste.

So I whisper in his ear,
as my hands begin to wander.
His breathing quickens that I hear,
and to the bed we both saunder.

I sit him down on the edge,
as I bend down to tease his lips.
His mouth parts to my tongue's pledge,
as I pet him with finger tips.

I can feel the excitement
building up for the both of us.
My hunger with the enticement 
of his blood pulsing up a fuss.

I can't take it any more now,
because my thirst won't be denied.
So as I start to take my bow,
his strength will not be defied.

He grabs me up by the waist,
and carries me towards the wall.
His tongue demanding its taste,
as his hips prevent my fall.

He roams my body with his hand,
as he deepens our passion's kiss.
But from where I still stand,
there is no escape from this.

So I grasp his hair yanking it back,
exposing his neck to my bite.
With my teeth I begin to snack,
while his blood fulfills my night…

About the Author

Laura Hughes is a writer/poet born in Memphis, Tennessee, now residing in West Tennessee. She's a high school graduate who began writing poetry at the age of eighteen, after being diagnosed with Schizo–Affective Disorder. Using her writing as a form of therapy to help with issues her illness caused.

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