Life – V by Kevin Magnus


Life – V
Kevin Magnus

Fifteen years later and I still am here,
But I have lost many that we so dear.
While my view of life may be still the same,
But, I have experience in that game.
No regrets for the choices I made,
Although I know of being betrayed.
I learn and I grow,
Reaping what you sow.
While contentment I tightly clasp,
Happiness just out of my grasp.
I have my memories that make me smile,
And wonder if I can stay there a while.
Fifteen years later and I still am here,
But, how much more longer is what I fear.

About the Author

Kevin who is one of the original contributor to this magazine has dabbled in poetry for almost fifteen years now. He promises that as long as he remains moody and pissy, he will continue to have content for your enjoyment, and has come to terms that he has become the new Reaper Rick of this new era.

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