Always by Christopher Bice


Christopher Bice

Please sit I've something to say
It won't be long till I go away
I wish I could leave you money or gold
But my treasures are of us growing old

It'll get easier as time goes by
Hush my darling please don't cry
My heart will be with you every day
At night I'll lie with you as you pray

Plant a rose in the garden by the tree
In the spring when it blossoms think of me
In the heat of the summer I'll be there
It's my warm embrace you feel in the air

Autumn colors are painting the trees
Remember our laughter raking the leaves
In the winter stay cozy here in our home
I'm the warmth of the fire you're not alone

Go live and laugh my darling run free
When you're ready, come home to me
We'll share everlasting life, just wait and see
A seat at his table awaits you, with me.

About the Author

Growing up in Brantford Ontario, I moved West with my family to a small village in Northern BC.
After many years I returned to the East and met my wife. We later came to Coalhurst Alberta (just outside of Lethbridge) to retire. I enjoy fishing and camping and I find my inspiration while out in nature.

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