...Welcome to our 76th Double Issue!!! Enjoy this months as we celebrate The World of Myth's 15th Anniversary, with Double features...... of the new stories, artwork, poems, and a little bit of everything...So come join in on the fun!!! ...The World of Myth!...

  • NEW! A Midwinter's Meal
  • NEW!A Vampire White as Snow
  • NEW! Out of the Blue
  • NEW! The Dread Lord Marrowbone's Pommel
  • NEW! Creation
  • NEW! The Executioner's Wife
  • NEW! Oisin and Niamh
  • NEW! The Rising — Part Four
  • NEW! The Missing Unicorn in the Land of the Zombie Fairies—Part Five

  • Horror
  • NEW! Grafting
  • NEW! Lost In An Endless Night – Part 1
  • NEW! Statue Rebecca
  • NEW! Soulless
  • NEW! In The Next Room

  • Action/Suspense
  • NEW! Taps
  • NEW! Liberty's Call — Part 5 Vol. 2 of the Liberty Schoenhauer series
  • NEW! Through the Eyes of Madness—Part Twenty—one

  • Humor
  • NEW! Wool of Time – Part Two: The House the Cat sat in
  • NEW! Editor's Lament

  • Science Fiction
  • NEW! Safe
  • NEW! An Exchanged Man
  • NEW! Gertrude
  • NEW! Luke's Moon
  • NEW! Edwina
  • NEW! Touched

  • Poems

  • NEW! Modern Problems Without Modern Solutions
  • NEW! Poet
  • NEW! 2020
  • NEW! Field of Blood
  • NEW! Love Bites in the Dark
  • NEW! My Addiction
  • NEW! Gone Crazy
  • NEW! Life – V
  • NEW! E.P.I.C. — Every Person Is Creative
  • NEW! Asphyxiation
  • NEW! Always
  • NEW! My 'JOY'
  • NEW! Wicked Resuscitation
  • NEW! The Reaper's Call
  • NEW! Writer
  • NEW! Prince of Mexico – Chapter Eight

  • Art Gallery
  • NEW! Don't Cry George
  • NEW! Event Horizon
  • NEW! Forrest Gremlin Green
  • NEW! Green Man
  • NEW! Lost in Translation
  • NEW! Moonlight Desires
  • NEW! Skycity

  • The World of Myth Movie Reviews
  • Review of Good Kids

  • The World of Myth Book Reviews
  • Review of Stephen King's Pet Sematary

  • Video Game Review
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (Xbox)

  • Art Review
  • Review of Edvard Munch's Vampire

  • Commentary
  • Commentary from the Founder

  • Interviews

  • Interview with Stephanie Bardy!

  • Back Issues
  • Back Issues

  • Podcast
  • Myth Master Unleashed Podcast — Person A. Name

  • Welcome To The World of Myth

    Happy Anniversary/Birthday as the first Editor in Chief said, on the very first celebration when this fledgling magazine was just a mere year old. Fifteen years. Wow. That is quite an accomplishment, one I am very proud to be part of, even though I have only been here for maybe 15 months!!

    To learn the history of how it all began, read David K Montoya's commentary, he was then, and is now, and will always remain, our Fearless Leader, our Captain, and again, the late Mr. Scheerer called him. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but I have to say, I agree. Dave has become a very close friend to me, and one I am grateful too, for giving an unknown writer the chance of a lifetime.

    This magazine is important to me, and as we celebrate the last 15 years, I am looking forward to the next 15. What amazing, wonderful, thought provoking things can we bring you? How many new writers, artists, and poets can we introduce to the world? Being one of those, it is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I am thrilled that we have regular contributors every month, but when I get an email from a brand new contributor, who has never submitted anything anywhere, and they choose our little magazine to debut their work, it brings such joy to me. Especially when that story, or poem blows me away! I was once one who needed encouragement, and to have someone have faith and belief in me, and this magazine gave me that. It made a space for me at the family table. Now, I want to do that for others.

    If you look back over the years of issues, you can see the steady change and progression to what it is today, but one thing has always remained constant. The desire of the staff, the contributors, and even the readers, to bring the best possible version of this magazine to the public that we can. I hope moving forward, that we will continue to strive for excellence, offer a place for new artists and writers, and an old familiar place to past ones. We are a family, however revolving it may be. Friendships are formed among those who create here, careers are launched by those who create here, and dreams are realized by those who create here.

    This magazine, to me, is like the Little Train that Could, (Google Kids stories). It started out small, and through all the ups, downs, and sideways detours, it remained. We are here, and here we will remain. I am honored to be part of this legacy, part of the history of The World of Myth. My stories, my poems, will forever be within these pages, my small contribution as Managing Editor, and now Editor in Chief, will become part of the history.

    I want to thank all the contributors, old and new, who came together to make this Anniversary Issue definitely one too remember. There are so many pieces of creative work here that I couldn't possibly go over all of it in the intro. So, tune into the podcast!! I have a few surprises up my sleeve for that!

    Since I started working for the magazine in January, I have met some amazing people. We have only ever conversed through email, or Facebook chat, but each one has made me laugh, made me think, given me amazing creative work to go over and sometimes, just had a great conversation with. I have also had the opportunity to interview some of these people, and they have been so much fun to talk too!

    There is one, who has been around since the start, that I have become friends with, laughed with, sparred with, and exchanged idea's with. Mr. Kevin Adams, and his alter ego Myth Master. He has been a source of support, encouragement, and laughter since I became involved with the magazine, and I am happy he is around to see this momentous anniversary.

    As an editor, each month stories come across my desk, poems, artwork, and I have to decide if it makes the cut or not. The stories, poems and artwork, stay with me. If they are in the magazine, they have made an impression. I remember those stories. Go ahead, test me. LOL! I love the variation of each one, the different styles, different "voices" of each piece. I don't get much of a chance to read because I am too busy writing, so when the pieces for the magazine start coming in each month, I get a chance to read, and escape into someone's imagination other than mine.

    The Anniversary/Birthday introduction to the magazine wouldn't be complete, without actually thanking the man who made, and still makes this crazy ride possible. Mr. Montoya. In his commentary, he talks about his mentor, and his friend. He has become that for me. More than once he has metaphorically talked me off the ledge, as I have been ready to throw in the towel and give up. He has encouraged me, bounced idea's off me, and listened to my sometimes totally off the wall idea's. He has become someone I am proud to call friend, and one who I look to when I need writing advice. He still, as he did on day 1, does all the HTML coding manually. Sir, I tip my imaginary hat to you. Take a bow.

    Happy Anniversary/Birthday The World of Myth Magazine and to all those who have made it what it is today. Congratulations Dave, on keeping a place for writer's, poets, artists and dreamers to come together and create.

    Let's make the next 15 years the best yet!

    Don't forget to tune into The World of MythBits podcast to hear all my thoughts on each piece in the magazine, and for a little surprise that Mr. Adams and I have in store.

    Click the link to read Mr. Terry D. Scheerer's introduction on the very first anniversary/birthday…you will know where I stole that from!!

    Thank you all!
    Stephanie J Bardy
    Editor in Chief

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