Wool of Time – Part Two: The House the Cat sat in by Melissa Small


Wool of Time – Part Two
The House the Cat sat in
Melissa Small

*This is a Continue story from the first story in this on-going tale. Please look up the story called Wool of Time. *

Its been a few weeks since I met up with my new travelling friends from the East, Hecock, Gee, Laftia and that Druid Cat Squeaky. We'd been following a lead about a missing dog and seven hens from a farm not far from here and before you ask me why we are looking for a dog and seven hens. Let me explain the story.

A week ago, after our encounter with the were -sheep we were asked to look into a missing dog for a farmer. His favorite hunting dog went missing and seven of his best hens disappeared in broad day light. The reward was good money and the job was easy so we thought. Wrong!

Yes, wrong. We found no clues on this dog. On top of that we also found our selves lost in the woods. Even the Druid couldn't find where we were.

We travelled for days not knowing where we were going or what was causing our cat to have no link to the wild life around him. Also, it felt like we were being watched. Like something was following us. This feeling lasted for days.

We then turned a corner and poof we were in a town. A town filled with people coming and going from their shops. No sign of the woods around us and no sign of where we were. The town felt old like it had been there forever.

We headed straight for the inn as Gee has so hungry and in his words "he could get a whole Baby cow." This only pissed off our Druid Cat who was offended by the comment as he only ate plants as most animals where his friends and well, he didn't eat meat as a result.

We headed into the Inn and ordered food. When the food came it was off…..kinda like the town just didn't feel right, but as we were so hungry we ate it. It tasted funny, old and no flavour to it.

Gee inhaled it and I had to stop him from eating my dinner off my plate. Gee moved on to Laftia but she magic missiled him as a lesson to not touch her food. You'd think he'd learn not to mess with a sorcerer's food. No, he had not and he is still smoking from that lesson.

Hecock was sitting off to the left of me when both of us saw the old women come into the Inn and walked straight over to us. She stopped between myself and Hecock. In a low voice she said." If you want to live, leave this place." she then turned to leave and Hecock grabbed her arm. That's when the crazy happened, the chair Hecock was sitting on…ate him.

She turned, shook her head and then dumped her skin and skipped out of the inn. Leaving behind her old dead skin where Hecock was sitting.

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About the Author

She's a mother first of two boys and has a husband that shares all her nerdy hobbies. A member of the Star Wars 501st Canadian Garrison, she would love to write a Star Wars book someday. She also loves and trains Appaloosa horses.

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