Statue Rebecca by Tom Fowler


Statue Rebecca
A sequel to The Statue of Rebecca Lane
Tom Fowler


The last we heard of the Rebecca Lane statue, the house she resides in had just lost its 18th owner in its almost 50 year history. So, what has changed in the few short months since the house on Woodstock St. once again became vacant? The answer is, not much, and quite a bit. The new owners Joan Lord sold the house to — the 19th set of people to purchase this house since it was built in 1969, backed out at the last minute, and in the spring of 2019 the house had been vacant for several months. On a personal level, Joan was not too disturbed by this, as by now she had developed a sixth sense regarding the property, and was not anxious to see another owner come and go. As a real estate professional, though, it was her job to sell the house and was concerned that it had been on the market for several months. But, statue Rebecca, as Joan privately named her, was a constant. Every time Joan visited the house, it seemed Rebecca leered at her accusingly. She was there, always there, in the same spot she had always been, since the fall of 1969.


In the spring of 2019 the Cosby's, those unfortunate owners with destroyed souls and unhappy memories of their time on Woodstock St., now set the price incredibly low. But still, the house did not sell.

Joan sat in her office, brooding about this. It wasn't only because she was failing at her job, but something else was bothering her. It was the statue, and her female intuition told her that it would be best if the statue was removed — sold or donated to a museum or private collector. She just sensed…well, I don't know exactly what I sense, she admitted to herself. I must come up with a plan, she realized, and did feel in her heart of hearts that, once statue Rebecca was out of the house, the mood and atmosphere in what otherwise was a lovely home, would improve.

What she did not know, was that statue Rebecca had a plan of its own.

A plan for Joan, and anyone else willing to assist in relocating her.


Joan was tired. For the past several days, she had been busy trying to find a new home for statue Rebecca. It was going to cost a handsome sum to have it removed and transported, and was hoping the buyer or donee, whichever the case may be, would help cover the costs. But, Margo Cosby had given her blessing to do this, and it was going to get done one way or another, at some time or another.

Success came for Joan just as she was at her lowest, as often happens in life. She was speaking on the telephone to the curator of the DeHaven Art Museum, located in the downtown arts district. James Silva had just answered her call. After explaining who she was and a bit of small talk, Joan came right to the point. "We have a beautiful marble statue of the late film star Rebecca Lane. It is located in a vacant private home I have listed. The current owners would like to donate the statue to the museum if you would incur the cost of having it moved." Joan thought to herself, this is a nice offer. Silva thought it was a nice offer, too, and replied, "This sounds interesting, would you take me to see the statue?" Joan happily said, "Yes!"

That afternoon, she and James Silva visited the benighted house on Woodstock St. Odd things had happened since Silva met her at the real estate office. Joan could not find the keys to the house, her car did not wish to start, the ignition finally working after the handy James Silva found a loose battery cable, and a half hour delay because of an automobile accident blocking the freeway. It's almost as if the statue is working against us, thought a frazzled Joan as they finally arrived at the house.

Her mood brightened when inside, but that would be short–lived. Looking at statue Rebecca, Silva said, "This is a beautiful statue."

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About the Author

Tom Fowler, 68 years old, retired and lives in Overland Park, KS. Author of several books and numerous short stories. Visit Tom's blogsite at

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