The Missing Unicorn in the Land of the Zombie Fairies—Part Five By: David K. Montoya


The Missing Unicorn in the Land of the Zombie Fairies
Part Five
By: David K. Montoya

The darkness was beyond black, no one saw their hands if waved in front of their face. But Olivia felt a hand that grabbed her tiny wrist and pulled her into the arms of someone. It was her older sister, Emma. The youngest of the two felt safe, though she could not see anything.

The void was thick, as if they were inside a cloud, their skin was damp from the moisture.

"Every thing is all right," Emma whispered. Although Olivia knew that her big sister was scared too, as she heard her heart while it raced inside Em's chest.

She squeezed her sister tightly.

"I am sorry, girls," Kén Tauros choked with emotion. "This is my fault."

"Mother," Theo the Prince Gnome cried.

"Nonsense," Emma reassured softly. "Theo everything will be all right."

They continued to plummet through the dark emptiness, in a relative silence other than Theo's nonstop sobbing.

"I'm never going to see Mother again, how horrible," Theo balled. "None of us! Kén will never eat another meal, and gir—"

Kén Tauros interrupted as he exclaimed, "What no more meals?!"

As the Gnome Prince saw that the Centaur, was also sad, made him feel a little better about his situation. "Not for a thousand years," Theo explained. "My mother said that it takes a thousand years to be digested in a Haggar God's tummy."

"A thousand years, that's like ten weeks," Olivia howled in horror.

Despite the trouble they were in, Emma could not help, but smile at her younger sister's miscalculation of time. But, in her tough girl tone, she said, "Theo! Enough of this silliness! You are doing nothing but upsetting everyone and you need to knock it off right this second!"

"I–I'm sorry," said while he felt bad at what he had done to the others.

After a few moments had passed, they felt a breeze while all of them fell at an amazing speed.

Then, without notice the four, the sisters, Emma and Olivia, Kén Tauros and Prince Theophrastus von Hohenheim of Paracelsus exited what felt like a dark cloud with a puff. Now, slipped into what appeared as though they traveled through a kaleidoscope, inside of the device while it churned while a cascade of colors swirled around them. An odd sensation of peace blanketed them while the descended into the unknown, which felt more of floating than falling.

With a smell of fresh cotton candy which intensified the deeper they fell, the sense of peace slowly transitioned into comfort. It was a sensation similar to having a full belly after a big meal. Olivia watched as her new acquaintance, Theo the Gnome Prince stretched and let out a large satisfied yawn.

That cause the youngest of the sisters to yawn too, and much like someone watching another yawn now everyone yawned and stretched.

After a big yawn of her own, Olivia said, "Em, I'm so sleepy."

"Me too, Livi," Said Emma and then yawned herself. "I can barely keep my eyes open."

"I think I may take a small nap," Olivia said in a faded voice.

"I think that may be a wonderful idea, Livi," Emma mumbled. She looked to her left and saw that Theo was already fast asleep and then turned to her right and her dear friend, the centaur, Kén Tauros while he snored loudly.

Emma knew something was amiss, but she was too tired to act on her intuition.

"Livi, something is not right, we…," Emma attempted. "We are…falling…"

"No… Em, we are floating on a cloud." Olivia corrected.

You are all doomed.

Emma knew that voice, but again, she was too tired to think.

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For a good part of two decades David K. Montoya was an active writer, artist and business entrepreneur in the micro–publication world. In 2013, turned his pen in for a microphone and became a podcaster for the following five years—and even did a small stent in independent Hollywood. But, now, he's come home and is ready to begin weaving new tales for this magazine. Follow his misadventures at:
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