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I waited until the very last minute to write this commentary, as I know where this story will lead and the emotions that accompany the nostalgia. With that said, and while there is a ton of things happening in The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company, today, we are going to take a look back to 2004. Let's take one more step back into the previous years, because that was when this story truly starts.

For those who do not know, I started my own comic book company in 1992 Dark Myth Productions and over time I produced my own Indy Comics with the help of many talented people. Twelve years later, I was mimicking bigger comic companies with having a website. But I thought I would be clever and give mine a name, so I called it The World of Dark Myth and held it at

It would be the following in 2004, when I saw the potential avenue of putting comics out on the internet and saving money on printing cost. So, I redesigned the website and I launched The World of Dark Myth, as it offered a digital and color version of my comic Hunters–Xydus and my sister, Rebecca's serial short story Black Lake Inn.

I launched it on my 27th birthday at the same free subdomain ( and despite how hard I worked on it, the numbers did not come. I was frustrated that I had not sold a single cyber–comic while I had sold multiple copies of a physical black and white copy. But, I did notice that Rebecca's story received more downloads than my endeavor. Of course the self–doubt kicked in and I thought it was because I couldn't write and/or draw—but, the more I thought about it I came up with a plan for what to do next. I created my own serial about a man being chased, but can't remember why, called, Inner Circle. The numbers came with the release of my short story, while they were crummy numbers, nonetheless they came.

That June, we came out with another installment of the World of Dark Myth, but this time I made the next part of Hunters–Xydus free to download along with another chapter of Inner Circle. Again, Rebecca's Black Lake Inn got more downloads, and it was at that point I realized it was time for a change. What if I created a magazine that showcased people's short stories and artwork?

So, as the conclusion of June came, and I pulled the website and started working on this thing that I learned was called an E–zine (sort for electronic magazine). But, I knew that I did not have the literary chops to be the Editor in Chief of this new endeavor—at the time I worked in a hospital and knew of a guy that worked in the ICU who was a respected Writer and Editor by the name of Terry D. Scheerer.

Me being me, a young twenties me at that, walked into the Unit that night and gave Terry this long song and dance about my vision, and how I needed him to help me make it happen. Directly after which, he said that he respectfully declined. I believe that I bugged him every day I worked for the month of July and each time he said, "no," but offered thoughts: For example, one night he said the magazine needed to include poetry and another time he suggested offering a movie review, but never committing to the job as Editor in Chief.

It was late July or early August when Terry finally agreed and said that he would give it a trial run. He asked what I had for the magazine, I showed him two stories that I had been working on Inner Circle and Wall of Terrance and my sister was submitting artwork.

After reading through them, Terry groaned. He told me bluntly, "You can write a comic story and have a strong grasp of dialog, but your short stories suck and need a lot of work."

I told him to teach me, and he groaned again.

That August I reworked the two stories, but come actual deadline, I felt only Wall of Terrance was ready to roll. Terry submitted an older story called, Dragon Hunters and wrote something new (which had been a very long time from what I understood) called Between the Moon and Mars, which to this day is my favorite Terry D. Scheerer story. Rebecca offered up three pieces of art and wanted to her moniker to be the artist known as R.C.L. I used an old cover I rendered for a mobster comic that I never finished.

It took me two weeks to code the first issue, since I wasn't sure about coding that much and got Terry the link to look things over that Saturday (the 4th) and would not hear from him until he called me the next day. Terry told me, "It looks good to go, but one thing needs to be changed."

"What's that?" I asked.

"You have Dragon Hunters going first in the line, up," Terry explained.


"You need to place your story at the top," he continued.

"But you're a better writer and your story leaps and bounds above mine," I retorted.

"This is your dream, son," Terry said. "I'm just along for the ride."

I reluctantly moved my story into the number one sport and Terry gave me the thumbs up to launch it that Monday. We opened to a small crowd of two hundred people, and the rest they say, is history.

I wanted to place the spotlight on Terry this time around, as three of the Original Four are here to celebrate fifteen years of The World of Myth. In the time, he became more than just my editor, he was my mentor, a friend and most importantly, family! In conclusion, I hope that you are proud of what our little online magazine has turned into old friend and somewhere, somehow you know that we celebrate this in your honor as well!

Until next time!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.

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