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Title:Pet Sematary
Author: Stephen King

Well, it appears that the full moon rises again, and Luna Lupine has returned from the loving arms of the forest to celebrate the fifteen year anniversary of The World of Myth. This time around I decided to go old school and revisit a classic of Stephen King's Pet Sematary before I watch my new copy on DVD. Now, I should say that I love the original version from 1989, which led me to read the book (which I still own).

Mr. King has said in interviews that Pet Sematary was originally to be a re-imagining of W.W. Jacobs' 1902 classic horror short story titled, The Monkey Paw, which was about a father's unfortunate attempt to bring his child back to life. I must say that it was an enlightening read in itself in regards to what old school horror was like at the turn of last century.

But we are here to talk about Stephen King's Pet Sematary, night and moon light is burning.

Now, I must admit as an adult, King's four hundred and ten page ode to Jacobs was in fact a tremendous monster story, but the story does at points slows to a snails pace then picks right back up with another plot turn.

Plus, we also get the classic King writing that we know and love with his famous style of meshing the dark monstrous filled world with a deeper question of one's own mortality. The story begins when Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, with their two children, Ellie and Gage, comes to Maine from Chicago and end up in a rural location (Ludlow to be specific), which wasn't too far from the Pet Sematary a ghoulish location deep in the woods where locals would bury their dead pets for countless generations.

Despite the fact that Dr. Creed (we will call him Louis from here on out), is only thirty-five and he is the director of the region's nearby university health-services, he is uber obsessed with the thought of death, especially after a dying student tells him about the pet cemetery, in a dream, leads him through the woods during the middle of the night. I know, it's words kinda weird, but trust me it will make sense once you read the book.

After which, Louis wants to know what the secret to the old pet cemetery is. It would be Jud Crandall, a neighbor who befriends him (yeah, thanks, bud), not only spills the beans but shows him where the burial grounds were! And leads him into the part where the ancient Micmac tribe was known to have whatever they planted return to the living.

So when the good doctor's daughter, Ellie, had her cat 'Church' smooshed during a visit to the grandparents, Louis and Jud decided to bury the damn thing in the Micmac part of the cemetery!

Yep! You guessed it! Church had a nasty resurrection as he reappeared, with the smell of death still on him and as the author explained it, hosted a rather creepy disposition.

The very first time I read this, I don't believe I had seen the movie yet (or if I had, I was too young to remember it), but once that black cat cashed in on one of its nine lives, I knew at some point a human was going to be buried there.

Sure enough, on Thanksgiving, Gage was ran over and killed by a truck. That was a very well-written scene too, it really pulls on your heart strings. So, we jump forward a bit to where the good doctor who is a heartbroken, grieving dad and a bit whacked the blankity blank blank out, digs up his dead son's body and buries it into the Pet Sematary.

Just like the story of Timmy Baterman when he was buried in the unholy ground to resurrect as an all-knowing demon, Gage returns to life, but was he now a creature of demonic life?

You better believe it, bub!

When this foul mouthed, murdering little bastard hits the scene, Louis has to see his son die twice in one book!

This book is a treat to read! I have read it a few times over the past decade or so! For Stephen King's literary masterpiece, Pet Sematary, I give it 4 out of 5 Howls of Pleasure! If you have not read the book, then I suggest you do so. If I get called back for another guest spot, maybe I will do another Stephen King book called, Silver Bullet, it's about those fictitious creations called Werewolves. Wait…

Alright, thanks for giving me another read, and Happy Birthday to The World of Myth, may you see another fifteen years! The woods are calling my name once again and as always with love…

Luna Lupine

About the Reviewer

Luna Lupine is a member of PETA and also a park ranger in the Transylvanian Forest Reserve. A night owl, she loves long walks in the forest. Recently she was accidentally bitten by a stray wolf while rescuing it from a trap

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