Deviant Minds
By: Jeff R. Young

The pen is our mightiest weapon
Our words will make you bleed
An apocalypse of imagery
The surreal defines my breed

Faith is often questioned
But we make it feel so sublime
We worm our way into your soul
Assuming control with every rhyme

We can demonize the heavens
Make a paradise out of hell
Turn a troll into a unicorn
And sanctify your wishing well

We dance through mental hallways
Our impressions are songs of magic
We create the dream emporiums
Breathing life into the fantastic

We are the jesters of emotion
Angels with a deviant mind
Our lyrics seduce the heart of fate
As we are not third eye blind

We bards are the wicked wizards
Weaving spells with pen in hand
We are the harbingers of love and loss
Your imagination is ours to command


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