Hey boys and girls welcome to issue seventy–five and this month’s commentary, wherein I waste an entire page to ramble about what ever my little leaky heart desires. There is so much stuff that needs to be talked about this month I had to make a list.

Okay, let's kick things off with the Open Contract Challenge as we are down to the final five contestants and in a few days that will be lowered even more to the final two. They will go head to head in the FINALS of the contest as they submit their completed manuscript to me to decide who will be the grand prize winner!

It should be noted, out of the remaining 5, the third place winner and will receive a $50 Visa gift card. Also, worth bringing to light is that the final two contestants will both publish their manuscripts in Kindle format, and second place will receive a $100 Visa Gift card as well.

The Grand prize winner will receive a contract for an e–book and print publication through the Dark Myth Publications division. Full distribution market circulation. Also, will receive a $200 Visa Gift card prize. Plus they will receive a trip to California to be a part of JayZoMon's Pop Culture Expo for a book signing!

So why am I talking about this now? Because we find out who will be our winners in the next issue of The World of Myth Magazine! The final Two and the Third–place winner will be announced on the The World of Myth Bitspodcast on August 5th and learn what the final challenge will be and when it is due! So, don't forget to listen!

Speaking of August, there will be no new issue of the magazine produced that month. As we will be doing a few fun things for the FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY issue which will be released September 6th and will need some extra time to get things in order.

What are we doing so special for that issue? Well, I am glad you asked! First, we will provide our regular styled magazine, but we are offering the content in our original 'retro' style using the original format from 2004. Then, for $.99 you can pick up a PDF copy to print out and read! Don't feel like printing it out, we got you covered there too!

Issue Seventy–six will be offered in a full–color print format magazine! It is undetermined at this time the cost as we would need all the content to get an exact price, but contributors will only be charged with the actual printing cost.

A lot of fun stuff to come your way gang! Speaking of fun stuff, you will notice that in this issue is the debut of Rob Bellamy and the Member of the Month Podcast. There are three at the moment, you can find them on the Member of the Month podcast page, with the blue play button, and there will be more podcasts to come!

Speaking of podcasts, I have revived my old Who's the Boss? podcast. Originally it was me sitting down for almost an hour talking about business in my world and nerdy stuff. That show actually led to the creation of my other podcast My Public Life as an American Nerd. The next incarnation only lasted one episode as Alan Russo and I got together and talked about the movie business—which led to the creation of a two–episode special called, Grindhouse Sleaze. So, this time around is more of a re–imagining as I interview talented people with a dream which may lead them into entrepreneurship. You can find great interviews on the JayZoModcast Podcast Network.

Another important thing I should talk about is that in the last couple of weeks I was introduced to a gentleman who may be interested in having his business sponsor JayZoMon's Pop Culture Expo in February 2020 in Victorville, California. The deal on the table, currently, is to offer an advertising package with the magazine/s (notice an 's' there…hint, hint) and offer audio space for his company to grow on the web and the West Coast.

Like I told him, I am leery about appropriating a project with a one and done attitude. I want to see his business grow to the potential I see it to be, and like I've said many, many times over…we are a family here, and I hope he adopts us as his extended family!

Since I mentioned JayZoMon's Pop Culture Expo, we are moving closer as I have assembled people to be members of the Expo's Committee, which we will meet early August. We have plans for games, vendors, music, podcasts, book signings, panels and opportunity to meet celebrities that helped forge together what we know as pop culture! Yeah, there's actually a theme behind PCE. LOL!

So, at this point I can confirm two guests for sure.

As an anniversary event for 40 years of our favorite shark, JAWS, I am pleased to announce that screenwriter, Carl Gottlieb will be attending PCE! Other than the Jaws flicks, he is also responsible for movies like Richard Pryor's Which way up, The Jerk, Caveman and Doctor Detroit!

Second confirmation is a voice actor that envelops pop culture with characters under his belt like, Donald Duck, characters from Robot Chicken, The Tom and Jerry's Little Quacker, the one and only, Sam Kwasman!

And, this just added! The Voice of Mandark from Dextor's Laboratory and the actor who played Eugene from Grease, Eddie Deezen, with be at PCE!

So please, if you can join us come and enjoy everything that I have in the works for you as there are multiple celebrities in the talks: From an actor from the movie “Grease,” to a couple of people that might have been involved in a Freddy Kruger movie or two and a former model used for Marvel Comic's artists!

Okay, and now we come to the second to the last topic I want to talk about. Roughly an hour after PCE closes its doors to the public, we are going to honor those who have helped this company in its almost 30 years of business with the (hopefully) first annual The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company's Hall of Fame Ceremony and dinner.

Now, I have already selected the Inductees and want to know how do you want us to announce the class of 2020? Would you prefer that we announced them all at once, say, in December's issues or announce one every issue until we have named all Honorees? That would mean we announce our first inductee in October's issue and end in January.

Or, do you even want the announcement made here in the pages of The World of Myth? Would you prefer that me create a The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company's Hall of Fame website and announce them there… Or… Both. Your call dear readers, you tell me what you want by emailing me at hall–of–fame–2020@jayzomon.com.

For those who are interested in watching the Hall of Fame ceremony but are unable to attend the live event—we will be offering a free live stream from either Facebook or YouTube. Oh, and I am excited to announce who the host will be, but that will be in due time, but you all are going to love who we chose!

All right, we have come to the end of this very long commentary and want to wrap things up with thanking Stephanie Bardy, as this will be her final issue as the magazine's Managing Editor. She came in here on fire and did an outstanding job, which is why beginning next issue she will be the EDITOR IN CHIEF of The World of Myth Magazine! Things are in motion folks!

Thank you sincerely all who have come in month after month to enjoy the absolute best possible literary magazine that we can assemble—I hope that everyone who celebrates with us this milestone of seventy–five issues can look back and say they were proud to be a part of The World of Myth!

All right, gang, I'm finished for this month.

Until next time!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.