Hey gang! Welcome to June, 2019 is officially half way over! Well, that didn't take long did it? I'm not sure where I wanna start this month, we do have a few things going on, maybe we should start from what is to happen first and finish off to what is expected to happen last.

We are working on releasing our first podbook by the end of this month, actually hopefully it will be released by the time this issue is released (if not, then I'll just have this part deleted by launch date). I don't know if many people in The World of Myth Magazine, know that I had a long history in the world of podcasting. Most know that I created and own the JayZoModcast Podcast Network, but had multiple shows—the most popular was called, Seeing R.E.D.. It was co–hosted by Rebecca C. Lofgren and her soon–to–be husband, Eron Ilich.

What was done for Hey Boys and Girls: The Best of Seeing R.E.D. was the funniest lines taken from each podcast and transformed into what is known as a podbook. I am quite excited about the release of that publication as we warm up the JayZoMon Publications after many years of being dormant.

Open Contract Challenge has become quite intense, as we are now down to the final ten contestants. Shortly after this publication, will be the dead line for the quarter final round as they must submit their first chapter to their books—from there the judges will thin the list down to only five! Then in our July issue, they will be narrowed to our last two contestants! Then in our fifteen year anniversary issue the WINNER will be announced!

Speaking of issue seventy–six, there are a few things that need to be announced this month so to be prepared for the up–and–coming event. First, there will NOT be a new issue released in August! While we are asking for submissions for august, those will actually be for our special September release!

Also, number seventy–six will be released on September 6th, as it is our actual anniversary! But, we're not done there to celebrate! Not only will it be released in it's regular format of digital, I have decided to present it in our updated web pages, but in our original 2004 design as well!

Not enough for a celebration of fifteen years? That's cool, gotcha covered gang! Along with the digital release, we are offering an IN–PRINT version of the issue! That's right! A full color printed magazine! Also, I want to personally extend an invite to anyone who has ever published in the pages of The World of Myth Magazine to send in a submission! I would love to see all our generations presented!

Okay, what's next? If anyone actually follows my murder mystery Through the Eyes of Madness, it will be coming to a conclusion here soon, possibly as soon as September's release. In fact, I may make a double contribution for July's issue to cover the story for August—we will see. If you are one of the people who read the installments present in the last nineteen months, are wondering how am I going to wrap up everything in three more stories?

Well, I will be wrapping up the second act of the story, and will be offering the full conclusion to book form either in September or before the year ends! Our current Member of the Month, Boryana Ananieva is creating the cover for the book and I am quite excited to see the end result! So keep your eyes out for more information on the release of the book!

I was talking about my podcasting days, and, well, as it turns out, I have returned behind the mic as I have started the third Season of My Public Life as an American Nerd. And would like to invite you all who read my monthly articles, stories and randomness to give my show a listen. Don't worry, it's totally free. So check it out at: http://jayzomon.com/jayzomodcast/my-public-life/index.html and if you don't know, you can find The World of Myth Bits hosted by Stephanie Bardy there as well!

There are a few more things to let out of the bag, but I don't think I will show my entire hand just as of yet. But, before I call it an issue, want to let you know that I'm working hard on the Pop Culture Expo, and have decided on a 14,000 square foot venue, in Victorville, California. Also, at this point, I have started looking for celebrities to attend! If you plan to be at the event booked for February 15, 2020—I would love to hear your thoughts on what you feel would make it a better experience and fill out a short 2–minute survey at: http://jayzomon.com/pce/

All right, gang, I'm finished for this month.

Until next time!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.