Proud of You
By: David K. Montoya

You came into the world as a blessing,
We were now your new parent and stressing.

When I held you in my arms, I knew just how special you are;
A beautiful, innocent life burning bright a shinning star!

But we would not know just how special, until the age of five,
When you barely spoke a single word and the news would arrive.

Then the word Autism was thrown into our lives,
A word that cut all of us a deep as knives.

But that diagnosis did not change our love for you,
Together as a family, we would make it through.

At times, you may have thought I that really pushed you too much,
And not allow this to become a debilitating crutch.

And, in the end, I pray you realize it was for the best;
The reward of hearing, "He's a genius," your teachers professed!

Your Momma and I tried to raise you the right way,
And while she is in Heaven, know she loved you, Jay.

Now, here you are about to graduate school this week,
A young man, who is interesting, strong and unique.

An amazing person that you have grown in to,
And Forever know in these words just how proud I am of you!



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