Hey Boys and Girls! I think as I sit here this month, it is safe to say that I am out of gas. Mentally and physically (what the heck, throw emotionally into that mix as well, more the merrier), tired. The Month of May always marks another year older for me, and while I can say that last year was quite memorable, I was feeling rather alone this time around. But, a few of you tried to make it more enjoyable and I sincerely thank each of you!

So, other than being another year older, I guess another big thing that happened this month was that The World of Myth Magazine was hacked. Now, this was the second time in almost fifteen years, so we are fortunate. So, it was brought to out attention on the sixth of May, and to be completely honest, I have no clue how long it had been down from there. They did a number on the server, and took me quite a few hours to restore what was deleted, but with the help of my provider we go it back up in under twelve hours after being reported, and twenty–four hours to have the email running correctly.

One has to wonder, why? Why would you go through all of that trouble to cause a bunch of people some grief? Or was it because of one person, and you wanted to punish them for something? In doing so, you upset multiple…good job!

I am speaking directly to the person who did the hacking, as I am one hundred percent positive that they are someone who visits the magazine on a continuum. Because for those who do not know, every website I own was hit, and that tells me you know a little something about the small business I run. Regardless, please do not attempt this again, because if you do I will not be so kind and not press for criminal charges to be brought against you.

Another thing I need to address is that, eight days prior to the time you read this, our Managing Editor, Stephanie Bardy had a not so pleasant bout with her heart. Which caused her to end up in the hospital, while her ticker decided to misfire on every fourth beat (which is called quadgeminy), and can be a very dangerous occurrence. But thankfully, she was drugged…uh, I mean properly medicated, and got things under control.

Also, I would like to mention that I am thankful that she is still speaking to me, after I posted a picture of her in the Emergency Room on our social media page (while I was told by one onlooker to beware her wrath). But, to be fair…to be fair, Steph said she was cold. So I figured I would warm her up by way of embarrassment, once I posted the picture on our Facebook page…so, you see, I was medically doing my part. Although, I'm certain, she wasn't buying it.

For those who enjoy the Member of the Month Podcast, that will be getting a reboot come June, as Rob Bellamy has joined The World of Myth family, and will be hosting all new episodes. The plan is to start with the winner of issue fifty–six (the point of where we returned), and will move forward until everyone who has won has been interviewed. Each podcast will be roughly ten minutes and focused on the contributor's award winning piece!

If you're wondering, The World of Myth Bits Podcast will be continuing on its current track. While Stephanie has expressed some interest in developing new segments into the show, everything you have come to know and love about it will continue as normal! While I did give it a little thought originally, I have concluded that we will not add a co–host, ONLY if Mike Lutz decides to return to the podcast will that happen—so, expect our rocking managing editor and host to fly solo otherwise.

Have you been following the contest for the Open Contract Challenge? As of this moment, we are up to six, and have four more to be announced! For those who listen to The World of Myth Bits, you are treated to finding out who is next to be selected for the contest!

Finally, the last thing to be announced is that it appears that we have found the home of the first annual JayZoMon's Pop Culture Expo or PCE for short. The venue will be the Hilton Garden Conference Center in Victorville, California. Guests and vendors are to be announced in the coming future and the fun does not conclude after the Expo as we plan on hosting The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company's Hall of Fame Ceremony and Dinner, which will be something that no one wants to miss!

Next month, keep your eyes out for an all new podcast search, as we begin to rebuild the JayZoModcast Network, and my returning podcast My Public Life as an American Nerd Season three episode one this June 5, 2019 at midnight PST!

All right, gang that is it for this month! As Always, thank you for coming in and enjoying all our efforts in this new issue of The World of Myth Magazine!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.