Hey boys and girls, and welcome to April. Yeah, we will see what I come up with as I honestly am not sure as to what I am going to talk about. For the first two week of the month, I had been ill and bedridden (well, for the most part, kids still need tending—sick or not). My late wife and I put most of our belonging in a storage unit back in 2015, and over the past four year the price of rent skyrocket to an unacceptable amount.

So, I purchased a large wooden shed, and placed it in my back yard. It was the first week of April and I relocated my family's belongings to its new location. By the second day, I was feeling sick, but I kept going. By Wednesday night I was freezing, the only problem behind that was I live in Southern California and it's Springtime, which means it was like 65° outside.

That night was rough, as I had continuous cold chills, and by Thursday, I was pumping OTC (over the counter) cold meds into my system. But, by Sunday, I was no better and contacted Managing Editor, Stephanie Bardy to let her know that I was dying from what I believed to be Man–Flu. That was the reason as to why episodes of The World of Myth Bits Podcast had been missed, I was too sick at the time to sit at the keyboard.

The following day (Monday, for those following along), I again contacted Stephanie and had her announce Member of the Month winner for March. There was a minor miscalculation. I was unaware that she was dealing with an unexpected passing of someone close, but as the professional she is, told me that she'd do the tally and post the winner.

It was that same night, but I was already a sleep when I received a message that informed me (ever so politely, may I add), that there was an error in the Member of the Month announcement. Again, Steph, being the absolute pro that she is, took care of the situation and made peace among the ranks, while I continued to die from this virus.

Speaking of the virus, the next morning (now, Tuesday), I felt the worst in the almost week of being sick. I got up and got the kids off to school and afterward, headed my sick–ass to a local Urgent Care. After a fairly quick examination, it was determined that I did not have the flu, but rather was diagnosed with having streptococcus and a severe sinus infection, according to the doctor most likely contracted while stirring up dust and bacteria in the storage unit (see how that came full circle).

So, during the time of writing this, I'm almost a week into 1500 milligram a day of amoxicillin and 240 milligrams of Loratadine–D, and I'm just now starting to feel better. But, it’s good to know that if I'm here or not the machine keeps moving forward.

Before I get out of here this month, April is Autism Awareness Month which is a cause that I hold dear to my heart. My oldest child, Jay, was diagnosed as High Functioning Autistic when he was five. From that moment on our lives were never the same, I know there is a movement that object to finding a cure, that they are fine the way they are—but, as a parent of someone who struggles to live a healthy and normal life, overcoming obstacle after obstacle, simply because of having autism.

This month I ask that you join me and The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company in fighting for those boys and girls who must live with this each and every day. By donating to a charity of your liking that helps in research and eventually finding a cure…because while you make not think so, if we all come together, we can make a change.

Until next time!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.