Review of Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke
By: Katie Bardy

In a world where imagination isn't usually spoken of, Cornelia Funke's "Inkheart" captures the readers eye and sucks them into a new world. A world filled with more magic and wonder then one can imagine. Within this book, you're introduced to a young girl named Meggie whose father's words read from any book, come to life. While trying to figure out her fathers past they are slapped with characters from the stories they read whom come to life to either help or take advantage of their unusual ability.

Mortimer, or more commonly known as Mo and Meggie are moved to her aunts due to Mo reading his wife into a book when Meggie was young and reading a horrible villain out, as she explores the library Meggie reads from "The Wizard Of Oz" causing Toto (Dorothy's Cairn Terrier) to appear out of the book. Now knowing she has her fathers ability, Meggie, Mo and Dustfinger (one of Mo's out reads) set out to save Meggies mother from being trapped within a book.

Whilst on the way to save his wife, Mo stumbles upon a young man named Farid whom was also read out of a book, Meggie and Farid become close but soon–after they meet, Meggie is kidnapped by the villain Capricorn. Kidnapping Meggie was originally to have Mo save her and in trade read whatever riches Capricorn asked for, upon that he realizes Mo's child has the same ability and uses her instead. Mo ends up saving Meggie and back on the journey to save her mother they go, but not without stumbling into the man who wrote the book they're in.

The man named Fengolio tells them that Inkheart was just some book, that it wasn't as important as they made it out to be, Mo insists that his wife who's name was Fera was read into the book and Capricorn was read out. Once they find Mo's wife it's almost nearly impossible to save her. At this point she has no voice and barely remembers her husband and child until she gets a good look at them. Once saved more havoc was just moments away.

Capricorn has plans to have everything he needs read out than burn the book in which he was brought out of, plans are foiled when Meggie decides to have the original author of Inkheart write an alternative ending in which everyone goes back into the books that they were read from. She then begins to read the ending while her parents are captured. With help from the friends they made along the way, Dustfinger and Farid come up with the plan to burn Capricorns castle down while Meggie reads them all back. As Meggie is nearly done Capricorn has other plans for her and attempts to sabotage their plan to return everyone.

Once read everyone starts disappearing, Capricorn and his men, the animals and people, most importantly Dustfinger and Farid have to be sent back to the boss in which they were created from. After wishing Mo and his family a safe and happy life Dustfinger soon disappears. Farid is next to go but not without saying goodbye to Meggie the girl in which he grows a bond with. With everyone back in their stories Mo, Meggie, Fera and Fengolio head back to Fengolio's house where he keeps the finished book with Capricorn trapped back inside with him. Returning back to her aunts, Meggie, Mo and Fera can finally be a family and catch up on all the amazing memories Fera missed.

This book taught me a lot about family and imagination, It sucks you in and toys with your emotions. Coming from a trilogy and being the first book it is my all time favorite. The movie not being half bad either. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke is by far one of the best heart filled books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Definitely 5/5 Stars from this girl.