Hey boys and Girls! Welcome to another month of me rambling about odd and end things that pertain to this magazine. A few things have landed on my plate of topics to cover this issue, so let's being the fun that we have come to know in my commentary—yes, that was humorous sarcasm.

First thing, after a bit of worrying and stressing (as I mentioned last issue), I saw the cardiologist and we discussed the aortic valve regurgitation and what kind of impact it will have on the rest of my life. In conclusion I was told that I have been Cardiac cleared! That no surgery is needed at the moment, and the consistency of the leak is low enough that I also don't need to follow up with said cardiologist until I'm 45. He thinks that maybe I was born with the defect and in doing such, my physiology has adapted and functions fine at the moment. Although he did say that I should be okay for another five to ten years, which mean that it is expected that something will eventually happen.

So, with that information in hand, I rushed back to the gym and have started my new journey back into the world of health and fitness. I sincerely look forward to sharing with all of you my progress as I return back to my physical condition pre–heart issues.

Also, I wanted to share with you all that writer extraordinaire and The World of Myth Alumni Steven Carr created a wonderful book, and asked a few months ago, if I would like to be a part of a fantastic project to help writers of Short Stories get published—doing just that in the way of "Getting Your Short Stories Published: A Guidebook." I feel very fortunate that my nonsensical ramblings were considered print worthy—my sincerest thanks to Steve and everyone involved! For those interested you can check out the book at Lulu.com and pick up a copy for only, $6.91 plus shipping, handling and possible tax.

Speaking of writing, something as a writer, I want to to put the spotlight on myself—case in point, I had plans to publish THE END: BOOK ONE. While it's completely written and ready to go, I felt that the numbers I'm needing as an author to push this book are not there. And, even if I am the publisher, I cannot take that sort of risk to knowingly put a book into publication without the numbers (that and, I have a second book coming out this year—but more about that in due time). So, I have decided to suspend production on that book and wanted to do something fun with that open slot.

How about, I put out an Open Contract Challenge! Starting in March, Dark Myth Productions will introduce a contest to people who have contributed to The World of Myth Magazine! How it will work is in Round one you will submit a pitch (no matter the page count or genre), tell us why we should publish your work. We will pick twenty of the best pitches. If, you are chosen, You move to round two (which will only be ten people max), and send us the first chapter of your manuscript.

The author will be notified of such with a request of a full synopsis of your manuscript. We will pick five of the best ideas that we feel painted the clearest and best picture of their book. From there, we are only picking the final two contestants in the contest. Like before, you will be contacted, and informed of moving into the finals.

For getting into the finals of the contest, both authors are guaranteed an ebook contract that will be available for Kindle! So what do we want from you this time? Well, since at this stage of the contest it's for all the marbles and the winner will be chosen from here, we will request your completed manuscript!

From there, I will personally read both manuscripts and make the decision as to who will be awarded the contract to turn their story into a printed and electronically distributed publication! There may be a few more things to add to the award pot!

The contest will officially start in the next issue, in which we will have the complete rules and guidelines to follow. Also, it should be noted that the winner will be announced in the magazine's fifteenth anniversary issue in September! But check in weekly to THE WORLD OF MYTH BITS for updates on the contest and who's in the running!

Since I brought up the podcast, I think it is perfect time to talk about a new podcast that will remain as an exclusive to our magazine! Myth Master Unleashed is a wonderful extension of Kevin Adams' alter ego the Myth Master's monthly interview. But through modern technology, listen to the real true life emotion that comes with the in–depth and sometimes difficult questions that only the Myth Master can ask! This month is a double whammy as Molly Hamilton and my self are first to the audio plate to share with all of you!

As I get ready to wrap things up, since I just got my order for The World of Myth 2019 Calendars in from the publisher this week, I have decided to slash the price since we are almost into the third month of the year. I will be letting them go for $5 plus shipping and handling—if you are interested in a copy for your home and/or office click HERE to purchase your copy now! We learn from every situation whether it be good or bad, and we now know that production for 2020 needs to begin months earlier for them to be ready by Christmas time of this year.

All right, gang, thank you like always for stopping in this month and checking out what is happening in the background! I hope that you enjoy our enormous seventieth issue of The World of Myth Magazine—more, so stay tune!

Until next time! "

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.