Review of Will Save the Galaxy for Food by Yahtzee Croshaw
By: Jim Small

As always this review could contain spoilers. You have been warned. And as with my last review I listened to the unabridged audio production. Read by Yatzee Croshaw.

Who remembers the golden age of Science Fiction. The gallant star pilot / captain. The megalomaniac villain. Evil space aliens and robots. If you long for those days than Will Save the Galaxy for Food is for you.

Yatzee Croshaw has penned another awesome story taking the listener back to the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Or rather to the point just after it. Star Piloting was once the job to have in the universe. Action, adventure, fame, money and so much more was always available then as with everything new technology comes along. Quantum Tunnelling (Instant teleportation). You can see how this would ruin space travel.

Will Save the Galaxy for Food follows the miss adventures of one out of work star pilot. Our pilot has been reduced to giving tours tourists and making shady deals to make ends meet. When one day he gets the opportunity of a life time. To become Jacques Mckeown for a few days and give private tours around space.

The upside no one has ever seen McKeown and he is a galaxy wide famous author. The down side, Mckeown is hated by every star pilot in existence. McKeown has made a fortune on selling the true adventures of star pilots to the public.

On the run from his friends our hero inherits a fortune (and loses it), gets drawn into a kidnapping scheme that involves a crime lords child and his friend (surprise the friend is the presidents child), runs into former pets turned into galactic scourge, robotic alien army, a Star Pilot theme park, a crime lords mercenary armada and the full might of the earth space fleet.

Whether if its though skill or luck our hero navigates though all the obstacles and manages to get everyone home safe and sound. Well except for himself as he forgot about his court ordered appointment and finds himself arrested.

A 5 out 5 for this book and I would be remiss if I didn't mention two of Yatzee Croshaw's other books. Mogworld and Jam. They are a must read.

Cheers and catch you on the flip side