Happy Holidays gang! The cold weather is upon us (even in California), logs on the tire and the hot chocolate is poured. But, with us as always there is a ton of stuff going on not only here at at The World of Myth, but all though out The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company! As announced last issue, Managing Editor, Mike Lutz, has stepped down due to scheduling conflict with his day joy, which I have decided to step in an produce this issue from top to bottom.

In a traditional manor, the leaving editor picks their predecessor. Mike has chosen Stephanie Bardy to be his replacement as Managing Editor. With that news freshly in print, I would like to congratulate Randolph Lofgren has he has agreed to start working as the magazine's Editor in Chief!

Beginning next month, I will start the training session for both our editors–elect, and will, hopefully, show them the way we put together this great magazine each and every month, for all these years!

As I mentioned last month, we have produced two new publications! The first, is Stephanie Bardy's debut novel, Eternally Bound which can be picked up at Amazon in print or ebook whichever you fancy, by clicking HERE. It was a stressful start of the gate, but, once the ball got rolling it was all down hill from there!

The other publication that came out this month was The World of Myth Anthology: Volume III, that host a ton of fantastic short stories (twenty–four to be exact) and for the first time, we have included six amazing pieces of poetry! Like Stephanie's book, you can find this print at Amazon, by clicking HERE.

I was hoping to announce the release of The World of Myth 2019 calendars, but due to an error with our printer they will not be available until early next month of January. As a part of making up for the delay, I have included an extra month making it a thirteen month calendar instead of the traditional yearly. So keep your eyes out for that release!

After this issue of the magazine, you will notice less and less of my presence within these pages. While I will continue to write Through the Eyes of Madness, because I'm on a roll with that one and the commentary, you will most likely not see many extras from me. This is because of a couple of different reasons. First, being, that next years, I will be releasing the first of three books called, The End. As I am doing edits and rewrites, I will have less time for extras here in the magazine.

The second is that, as most of you know already, I am having continuing issues with my heart. I am hoping to get good news from the cardiologist in January, and I can start getting back to the gym. I have gained twenty pounds and I feel horrible—not to mention, my kids are upset with me for not being healthy like I was. So, I will be back in the gym, trying to improve my cardio and loss this weight so I can be a better version of me, and that is going to eat more of my free time. But, you are in good hands with Randy and Steph.

I am also working on more goodies to happen in the coming year, so stay tuned! So in closing, I want to thank all of you for spending a little time with us and would also like to send out a sincere holiday wishes from my family to yours!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.