Hey Boys and Girls and welcome to another issue of The World of Myth Magazine. There is so much going on around here, beginning in January the merger of JayZoMon Productions and Dark Myth Production Studios will be complete to officially form The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company. While this does not affect the magazine in anyway, it's just another step in once again finding our footing as a business.

So, first announcement is that starting December 1st, we will be taking pre–orders (at a discounted price) for our own Stephanie Bardy's debut novel titled Eternally Bound. Then on the 11th it will be available on Amazon.com at full price. Either way, the journey you will go on will be worth every penny spent, I promise!

Also, Next month we will be releasing the third installment of The World of Myth Anthology! Going all the way back to issue 43 with a plethora of writers and, for the first time, poets! This will be an Amazon exclusive and you will begin to see the advertisements here in the magazine, and anywhere I can get them in.

The final project that I want to bring to your attention is the 2019 Calendars! Yep, they're coming back! After all these years we will be selecting the best pieces of art and present them into a annual calendar, in the same manner we did back in the day (for those of you who have been around a while). Much, like we did when we first offered the calendar in 2005—you great readers will be offered an opportunity to pick one or more right here in the magazine. More information to come on that.

There is a high likelihood that if you are reading this, you have read this month's edition of the Art Review which I talk about Stan Lee's very first published work. I bring this up only because I attempted to keep it in a professional light and not inject my own thought about the legend as we all continue to morn his passing this month at the astonishing age of ninety–five (almost ninety–six, his birthday was in December).

I knew of Stan Lee back in 1987, when he'd host the Marvel Hour on television back them. It was around that time, I learned of him creating the Marvel Universe—but, I would not read his work until I was in high school and the company would mass produce reprints of old 1960's comics like Spider–Man, The Incredible Hulk, Avengers and of course, The X–Men.

I admit that as a young teen learning the basics of reading (yes, you read that correctly. I'll talk about it more one day), I did not fully understand the complexity of Stan's work that had became universally known as the Marvel Revolution of the 1960s. It was later in my late teens while I studied literature and understood that our sentence structure and the combination of English words constantly evolve.

It was a 12th grade honors English Assignment, that I had to choose two writers (one from the distant past and one more of a modern era). I remember I procrastinated until it was due and in a rush I went with William Shakespeare and Stan Lee. To be fully honest, it was because I felt that it was a connection from the wordiness that both men demonstrated in their written work. I believed that Stan Lee mirrored stories and dialogue in the image of Shakespeare's great tragedies, but what I realized in my research for my assignment, was that the reason Stan's dialogue felt like you were reading Shakespeare's old English… Was because, they were both from a different era.

It was in that time that I came to realize that Stan Lee was not trying to imitate William Shakespeare, but was in fact a literary genius like the English Playwright himself! From that moment onward, I never saw Stan Lee's writes as just a old comic book story from the nineteen sixties they were classic tales of adventures, good verses evil and love and loss… They were actually modern day dramas, with instead actors portraying the script, it was an artist drawing the action of the script.

While I had an opportunity to meet with Stan Lee some years back, I never had the opportunity to really pick the legend's mind like I wanted to. One of the best pieces of advice in my life came from the mouth of Stan Lee himself. In the middle of our conversation while we waited for the photographer to load his camera, he turned and ask me, "So which is it with you, son?"

I was confused and asked him what he meant, and he chuckled and answered, "Either you're a reader, writer or artist. So which one are you?"

I smiled and with all the pride I could muster said, "I am a writer, sir." He nodded, and joked, "You look more like a football player."

I stood over six feet tall and weighed closer to three hundred pounds, I completely understood what he was saying. Then he hit me with, "So you any good?"

"At writing," I asked in response.

"Yes. Do you think you are a good writer?"

"Yes sir, I do."

"I can see that," Stan said as his smile grew wide. "All right, Mister Writer, go write… Write what you want to write and don't let anybody tell you anything different."

Those were the final words he said to me… Thank you, Stan.

As we come to the end of this month's commentary, I left the hardest for the last. As you have read in this issue's introduction the magazine's Managing Editor Mike Lutz will be stepping down as of this publication. I will not sugarcoat this and say that I am not heartbroken, but I understand. Life Happens, and for the sake of his livelihood he needs to move on for multiple reasons.

I will sincerely miss working with you on this project, and talking, planning our next steps. Running ideas across you and listening to your back and forth every week with Steph (the show in which he named). You helped recreate this magazine, you inspired me to return to this world and create new works to entertain not only our readers, but to see what kind of reaction I could get out of you.

Honestly, I don't know if it weren't for Mike, I would have had restarted the magazine. It was his excitement and energy that fueled my motivation to get on the ball to bring back the past issues and then contacting a new generation of talent to showcase in our digital pages. It was a blast from start to finish and I thank you for everything! I am sincerely bless to call you my friend and we will all miss your presence around these hallowed halls.

Know that you'll always have a home here! All right gang, that's it for this month!

Until next time!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.