Review of Call of Duty WWII for the PS4
By: Xilera

Normally, I have good taste in what games I pick up. Now mind you, these game that I review are one that I have purchased and not rented. I mean, I'm a heck of a gamer, but to be allotted one night to beat a game is simply not plausible—Redbox, I'm talking to you! So when I come across a flaming smell turd, I have to eat it and take the five dollar trade in credit at my local GameStop.

Unfortunately that was the case with what is surprisingly the best selling game for the PlayStation 4 in 2018, thus far. I was entertained with the previous game Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, so I figured okay it was on sale for $25 for a used copy, I grabbed Call of Duty WWII. UGH! I know that a crummy way to start out a video game review, but, UGH! Why didn't someone warn me about this horse–sized heaping pile of… Well, you know.

The first of many thoughts that come to mind is (other than it was a waste of my time and money), there was nothing new was added! It was visibly painful to see that the game's publisher, Activision, has ran out of ideas that could be construed as anything new. It was obvious that the makes opted for a quick and easy buck and stolen elements from other popular game like, Battlefield 1 and Destiny which by the way were decent games in their own right.

As a closet History–Buff, I when I heard about them doing a Call of Duty based in World War II, and I think they (the publishers), were banking on geeks like me. Within the first hour, it was apparent that this game was a cash–grab: I am lead to believe that the only reason for this push to the public is to keep the brand reverent so to sell merch.

Okay, I digress… Back to the game review. While you play in Single player mode, one thing I noticed was just how meh the graphic were and they use the name maps from previous games and nothing new or exciting with the weapons.

I am honestly trying my hardest to construct a positive thought about this version, and not sound like a PMSing, b|tch. Uh, Multiplayer is the same as singles, but with less players. Oh, it was quick and to the point storytelling.

Wait. That wasn't really what I was shooting for…

The first day I brought the game home, their servers ran really slow, and that wasn't good enough today (day two), you could connect and play for about ten minutes and then get the boot. Okay! Okay! I got one! A fun note that should be worth mentioning is while in the Headquarters (a location where all online players gather and meet up before going out and finding a match and there you can watch other players open loot boxes and, even, receive an achievement trophy for being a voyeur.

So, I know that I am a bit more animated than normal, but I had just completed the play through mode and you all are reading my first hand reaction. I wanted to write all of my thought down, before we loaded this crap–fest up and take it back to GameStop. Here's a shock I did not like Call of Duty WWII and want my money back, but I guess I'll have to settle with five bucks.

Ugh! Okay, okay, let me end this painful review as I say that give it a half a star, and I feel like I'm being nice . If you don't believe me, go play it and find out for yourself, just don't blame me afterward. But, I do want to know if you've played CoD:WWII and agree or disagree, I want to hear your thoughts!

PS. I literally just found out that today (October 12th) a brand new Call of Duty game just came out and I've decided to pass. But, if any of my readers have the game and feel that I should give it a shot, tell me via e–mail: Xilera@JayZoMon.Com