I was originally going to talk about how you have to stay positive in the face of adversity, but I simply I'm too grumpy to be bright and shiny. But, instead I am going to talk about everything that has gone wrong this month, I'm not sold on if I am going to include personal things as well—some of them were deep cuts—we will see.

I guess things start with the JayzoModcast Network, not the Network itself, but rather a podcast that was supposed to make its grand return. Despite that I would have to drive a total of over four hundred miles round trip to Las Vegas and back to California, I remained optimistic and hopeful that we could pull this endeavor off. In the beginning of Last Month, we got together and were able to record two great episodes and were all set to comeback the first we of October to record more.

So as planned, I arrived in Las Vegas that Friday, and I was informed that I arrived too late in the evening because one of the co–hosts had to be up by four in the morning for her day job. While I questioned that six at night was too late, I decided to get a hotel room and stay the night. While I wont say which place I stayed at, I will say that their beds her so hard I seriously considered sleeping on the floor.

Saturday rolled in, and I was informed that the other hosts would be available to record new episodes for the podcast by five o'clock that evening. So I did kill most that day playing down in the casino, which was entertaining for the most part. Well, it was around 4:30 and I decided to drive over to where we were to record, which took me a few minutes to get there. I was there twenty to twenty–five minutes early and waited…

It was around 6:30ish when the first co–host arrived and had to run and take care of some unrelated business—it was about seven when they both showed up. While I was unloading the recording equipment they told me that they wanted to go out to have dinner, I was all right with this since they had been at work all day.

On an up note, we had Chinese Buffet which was amazing! Holy moly it was good! Well, as you probably guessed by now, by the time we finished and got back to their place it was almost nine at night. After it was decided that one of them could not record because it was too late to podcast that I could do it with two people, I made the executive decision as the Network's owner to cancel the podcast and left for home.

It turned out to be bad business, as it was loaded with empty costs for gas, food, lodging and the price spent on entertainment while I waited. While I'm known to get on here and talk about how great of a business man that I am and every deal is golden—this is proof that that is not always the case.

Then a week later another deal collapsed. It started sometime back when Terry D. Scheerer wanted to reboot Nu Wave Comix and submitted two new re–imaginings of Hardcore Harry and Sorority Slutz which would be re–branded as Sorority Slaughters. While he sent in a fully written script of Hardcore Harry, he did not include where he wanted to go with the title. As where with Sorority Slaughters was only plotted, it was left open ended and could be issued as a one–shot or a first book of an ongoing series.

Needless to say, we went with the latter for the flexibility of it. I brought on The World of Myth's own Alan Russo to script Terry's plot and he did an absolutely amazing job! We hired an artist who we had done business with many time over in the past.

Again, like we did in the past, we paid him a quarter of his salary upfront and then another after submission of the storyboards—I added a little extra bonus because of how fast he completed his storyboards. Everything seemed to be going to according to plan, as we moved into the next step of the process of producing a comic book.

Initially his deadline to have everything completed was June 8th (yeah, this one has been ongoing for a while), but was contacted by the end of that month and asked for an extension. I prolonged it until August 8th, it was one of those things and I did understand.

August came and was submitted page to the comic book, everything looked completely amazing! But, there was only one problem, a big one at that: Sorority Slaughters was a mature comic book, but there was no nudity in many of the panels! He exampled why there was a problem drawing the content, which again, I did understand. But, business is business and I had paid him half his salary to do a certain job.

He promised me that he would rework the panel and have them for me soon. That was August. September came and went, we talked about his upcoming wedding, but never a mention about the artwork. To be truthful, it slipped my mind until I was driving home from Las Vegas from the incident mentioned earlier.

I dropped him an email that night and heard back from him a short time later. He officially dropped the project because of him having moral issues with doing a mature comic book. Again, I understood, but, let that be a lesson to everyone reading this, never compromise your moral barometer just because you need money.

So another bad business deal. It happens, but that hurt for all the obvious reason…

The final incident took place at the end of September. There was a plan to release a special issue of Horrotica Online Magazine called One Night Stand, it was to be a tribute to Terry D. Scheerer and was planned to be released on what would had been his sixty–ninth birthday.

I contacted many of the former contributors of the magazine and explained the importance of this particular one–shot of the e–zine. The ones that answered back and stated they were very interested and would be contributing to the issue.

Some time passed and I noted that we were approaching the magazine's deadline, and there had only been a couple of pieces received for the one–shot. So, I decided that perhaps it was due to a tight deadline, so I expanded it to the very last second.

While there were more submission, it was nowhere near enough to fill a small sized issue of Horrotica. So much, much to my dismay, I had to cancel the event—there appeared to be the readership available to consume, but it was the lack of interest from the creative branch that killed the project.

So as I conclude this month's edition, and hope that you see that there is plenty of crummy things within the company, but I choose to not dwell in the negative and move forward. I guess, I am able to bring in the how you have to stay positive in the face of adversity topic after all. If you want to succeed leave the negatived where they lie, whether it be professional or personal hardship (I could have written another twelve Hundred word on my personal issues), spend enough time with it to learn from it and then move on to bigger and better things!

All right kids, I hope this helps some of you who's hurting and struggling to deal with bad situations, either it be professional or personal. Just remember one very important thing guys—nothing lasts forever, and while it seems like everything is crashing down on you, in time, you will think back on it as a life's lesson.

Good luck gang, I'm rooting for ya!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.