The Music…
By: Lallie Napier

As I sat down in that smoky club
A spotlight hit the stage
A man was there with his guitar
Ageless and alluring
The lights grew dim, the crowd was hushed
Anticipation, a silent roar
We all perched the edge of our seats
Not a whisper of breath was spent
He started softly, picking away
Rainfall on a gentle breeze
A shiver ran up my spine
My soul quaked with delectation
He masterfully wove a tale of love
Passionate echoes in the night
My veins pulsed with our shared rhythm
He pulled me into his realm
His fingers danced across the strings
My frenzy erupted on the floor
The universe was him and me
Digits dashed from chord to chord
Sweat sizzled down my back
I spun and moved, gyrated with abandon
Suddenly the climax was over
Our movements slowed in perfect unison
He knew I could take no more;
A twinkle flashed in his eye
I shouted YES!
He played fast and dirty
Intensity growing with every note
My body responded
Nerves exploding in orgasmic glee
My breath was a pant
My dress a sweaty rag
Tender and tumultuous
Passionate and percussive
Vibrant and volatile
Music was my lover that night.


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