By: Stephanie Bardy

I fear I must disengage myself for a while.
I have stepped below the water line, where my head likes to bob, just above the surface.
The stairs, cold on my feet, only go down, in that long endless spiral.
Worry not my darlings, for I have many someone's, somethings, who greet me with their sneers, and their laughter.
If I turn the right way it's almost joyous.
Ringing pure in the sheer facade of familiarity.
The tears are hot, scalding even, tracing rivers of memories down my cheeks.
They bring warmth into this cold cold heart.
Do not be sad, for it is but a journey, an adventure of sorts, full of peril, and swashbuckling, and a pirate, who steals my breath.
I am but a moment away, miles if you count, a blink.
I fear I must disengage my self for a while.


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