Hey kids! Welcome to another edition of my commentary, herein I rant and rave about seemingly senseless things that most likely none of you give a damn about. Well, that's my interpretation of it anyway. It has certainly been a busy month, as we not only finally launched the Member of the Month Podcast hosted by our very own Managing Editor, Mike Lutz and Author Stephanie Bardy in the form of The World of Myth Bits (which quickly turned into a weekly show, and highly suggest you go give it a listen)!

It turned into the full on relaunch of the JayZoModcast Podcast Network, and while it is a few months ahead of schedule—it appears to be rolling full steam ahead! In total there are five active shows which run Monday through Friday, but if you feel the need to listen to more podcasts, you can go to the website and listen to all of our old back catalog! If you are interested in having a listen of any or all of our podcasts, you can find us all over the internet from iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and wherever podcasts are consumed!

Other than JayZoModcast, if any of you reading a few months back that the JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company having a special edition toy crafted! As of this month, we are moving forward with the Ayot Nom action figure. I approved the final prototype and is now on schedule for molds to be cast and decision to be made about the color scheme. While it was a black and white comic book (Ayot Nom: To Hell and Back), there is a cover of the samurai with a gray robe. I believe, at this point anyway, that will be the color we are moving forward with.

Also, an exclusive here, is the action figure with be accompanied with a full comic book for no extra charge. The script was completed this month and I'm currently looking at S.M. Morton (who was my very first editor) to return to Dark Myth Comics and edit the comic. More to be announced about this project in the forthcoming months, as we start to look at possible manufactures of the toy and methods of distribution to the public. There is also an adult comic originally created by Randolph R. Lofgren in the mid–90s, is seeing a reboot! Now named Sorority Slaughters (Formally Bitches Inc and Sorority Slutz), Plotted by Terry D. Scheerer and scripted by Alan Russo is in active development, as the contracted artist will be getting married in October! Congratulations, Idi!

Speaking of Terry D. Scheerer, another thing happening around here, is that I have decided to honor what would had been my friend and mentor's sixty–ninth birthday by releasing a special online one–shot issue of Horrotica Online Magazine. Being released as Horrotica: One Night Stand is actively being worked on for a September 26th release and is spearheaded by our own, Mike Lutz, who I want to thank for doing triple duty this month!

Speaking of the one–shot, we are also going to offer a special first come, first served printed edition of Horrotica: One Night Stand! The plan moving forward is to have it ready for release to the contributions by late October, and distributed to the general public by November.

Speaking of Terry D. Scheerer if you do not know who he is, you can visit In Memory of… and learn about who he was and how important he was to this company, and just how lucky I was to be able to call him my editor, business associate, co–host of a podcast, writing mentor and, most importantly, a friend!

Over on the publications side of the building, Author and fellow The World of Myth Alumni, Stephanie Bardy's debut novel, Eternally Bound, is actively being edited for a release just in time for Christmas. We are also working on two projects just for the audience of the magazine and to be a tease that I am, you'll have to wait because it won't be publicly announced until late next month (aren't I a stinker)! If I can take a moment to be serious, it will be during this issue that an anniversary needed to be acknowledge. On October 8th, it will be the three year commemoration of the passing of my late wife, Lacie Montoya. For more than twenty years, we were a team—an unbeatable partnership, with a past of unimaginable highs and heartbreaking lows, you were by my side. We meet on a blind date in January 1995, I was 17 and she had turned 18 that November. We quickly bonded, and a year later we were married. Many said that we wouldn't last a year, but, we proved the naysayers wrong, we left our teens and entered our twenties together. Then, we say good–bye to our twenties and traded them for our thirties, and we were supposed to exchange that decade for our forties. But that never happened, as you will now and forever always be thirty–eight. As I turned forty the undertaking to move forward without you was so damn hard, but I did it for our children. Because without them, I would have had given up on life altogether. No matter what the future holds, I will always love and miss her smile, her laughter and her warm heart. I've been asked multiple times in the past three years, "If I could say one thing to her, what would it be?"

From the first time all the way to this very moment, my answer has remained the same. I would say two simple words that I feel I did not say to her enough in her life, and they are simply, "Thank you."

All right gang, I know that got deep and rather dark fast, but it was something that I needed to address in a public forum like this. Thank you for reading all the way through, I know that I am fortunate and blessed to remain among the living and I plan to make each day count for something! So, that's it for me this month, drop me a line at davidkmontoya@jayzomon.com and let me know your thoughts!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.